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Official Name Sangcap
Common Name Porta Mushroom, Multishroom
Classification Fungus
Common Use Culinary
Origins Unknown
Habitat Various

Sangcap is a unique fungus, widely consumed across Aloria in a variety of dishes, but best known for possessing two prominent stages. The first is the Pale Sang, the juvenile stage of the fungus, with the Dark Sang serving as the matured, adult version. The mushroom exists freely in the wild of multiple temperate and humid regions, but is also grown sparsely on unique farms often run by Yanar due to their deep connection to plants and fungi.


Sangcap has been a well known mushroom for over a millennia, but exactly when they were introduced to sentient Races is unknown. Some believe that the mushrooms were known to the Altalar, but ultimately abandoned as a “dirty plant”. However, most believe that the fungus originated outside of Daen, and Altalar exploration brought them back to Daen for usage in their cuisine. As for the Ailor, the mushroom’s introduction is unknown, but it is likely that they have been using it since their earliest years of civilization. Regardless of the fungi's origin, it has long appeared in culinary creations for centuries and today, it retains that vaunted position. It exists both in the wild and in special farms built for the collection of this fungus, and it is unlikely to decrease in number due to its broad spread across Aloria.


Sangcap is a unique mushroom as the ones that categorized its features were not the scholars, but the cooks and the culinary minds. The mushroom exists in two stages of development; the Pale Sang and the Dark Sang. The Pale Sang is the fungus in its adolescent form, which is small, bulbous and white-capped. It is usually an inch or two tall, with a cap diameter of an inch or so, with an off-white stipe supporting it. Dark Sang are the adult version of the mushroom and possess a radically different appearance. Their caps are broad, up to six inches in diameter, with a convex shape while they stand at three to five inches tall with a ringed stipe. The Dark Sang is entirely brown; the stipe is pale brown, though the cap is darker.

Uses and Abilities

Sangcap has only one use, and that is in the culinary sphere. Both types are used, though for different reasons in different dishes. The main deciding factor is often the size of the dish, as smaller dishes like soups usually see the Pale Sang type used while Dark Sang types are used alongside meat-focused dishes, such as large sandwiches.


  • Sangcap was first farmed by botanists working for the Ithanians, who have a deep appetite for these fungi thanks to their rich culinary heritage.
  • The best known Sangcap farm exists in Corontium, run by a Yanar known as Hadennal.

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