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Official Name Fingercap
Common Name Lunula Cap, Kidfinger Cap
Classification Fungus
Common Use N/A
Origins Unknown
Habitat Forests

Fingercap is a common species of mushroom that is unfortunately inedible to most Alorian groups, save the Eronidas thanks to their stomach constitutions. However, the fungi are well known for being played with by children the world over, and indeed those cheerful among teenagers and adults as well. These games usually involve the mushrooms being picked, and the pointed caps being worn snuggly on small fingers, hence the fungus’ name.


Fingercap has been known for many years, and by many different Races. Most believe that it originated in Corontium, as some Anglian traditions about the mushrooms do exist and date back several centuries before the Cataclysm. However, it is also possible that the mushrooms are from Oldtera, where they were also known to the Ceardian Ailor who claimed them to be the “nails of trees.” In the wake of Cataclysm though, the mushroom was spread wide, entering areas of Northbelt, Westwynd and Eastwynd. The fungus has remained populous over the centuries, and was also discovered in scattered parts of Fendarfelle when that continent was first explored. The Fingercap has remained enedible to all but the Eronidas, though they rarely eat the substance as they instead favor Sangcap due to its wider availability, and often larger size than the smaller Fingercap. However, children have long made use of the mushroom in their various games, and this practice has continued over the centuries into today, where many a children’s group within the forest will be found, at least at one point in the course of the long summer day, plucking and then pushing the slightly pointed fungi onto the tips of their fingers.


Fingercap is a small mushroom, barely two to three inches tall, with a narrow, pointed cap, which can be curved slightly to one side. It is usually colored pale orange or yellow. The fungus’ stipe is very thin and smooth, lacking a ring, and is always solidly white. The mushroom grows in dense clusters, with its mycelial threads directly linked to each other underground.

Uses and Abilities

Fingercap has already been stated as inedible, while its only use is as children’s entertainment. However, even this use is limited and rarely consistent, merely being a form of amusement for children, free-spirited and entertaining adults, and so on in scattered rural communities across Aloria.


  • ”Fingercap plays” are small, commercial fingerplays where each character has a Fingercap on their head. They are commonly depicted as all being wizards, or something else, to explain their generally uniform hat appearance.
  • Fingercaps, when eaten by non-Eronidas, taste of an unpleasing mix of chewy and bitter. The moment they hit the stomach, the subject will be forced to expel the substance and whatever else the stomach contains.

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