Stoor Root

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Stoor Root
Official Name Stoor Root
Common Name Bitterroot, Ero-leaf
Classification Herb
Common Use Culinary
Origins Westafar
Habitat Tropical and temperate terrain

Stoor Roots are root plants brought over from Guldar by the Eronidas which taste incredibly savory to them, and are popular in their cuisine. However, others who eat the plant claim extreme bitterness, to the point of inedibility. As a result, it remains popular with the Eronidas alone. However, it has still spread to several continents thanks to the spread that Race has achieved over the years since their arrival in wider Aloria.


Stoor Root originates from Guldar and the many millennia of the Eronidas living in that land. Some fragmented stories suggest that the Eronidas were much more reliant on Stoor Root in their early centuries when they were under the talons of the Avarr. As time went on and their food sources became more stable with the elimination of the Avarr as a threat, the plant became more of a delicacy, and ultimately a common seasoning in their cuisine. Stoor Root remained an essential part of Eronidas cooking as time went on, and when they fled Guldar, they took plenty of Roots with them aboard their great fleets. These prospered in the ingenious farms the Eronidas had established aboard their ships and were able to multiply when the exodus finally came to an end. As the Eronidas were disgorged across Aloria, the Stoor Root was one of the first plants they set into the earth, where it has grown ever since. While it is considered a weed in some areas, mainly regions of Westwynd and Altaleï outside of the control of the Eronidas, it thrives both within Eronidas territory and elsewhere, primarily Anglia and Ashaven in Corontium and Southwynd respectively.


The Stoor Root grows between two to four feet in height, with a central green stalk off of which up to half a dozen smaller, similarly stiff stems can emerge, sprouting upward. Along this bright-green surface are numerous small buds, which all open into small, four-petalled white flowers with a yellow center. These often cluster at the top of the plant. The base of the plant is where the important things happen, as a dense cluster of deep green dentate leaves sit. In the ground sits the plant’s thick, singular root. White in color (though often off-white until cleaned), this root is usually of a tubular shape and often measures around a foot in length.

Uses and Abilities

Stoor Roots are best known for its culinary properties. It makes any dish it’s included in taste rich and savory to the Eronidas, enhancing their enjoyment of any food. As a result, they use it to season their cuisine, whether it is dried into powder, cut into slices, or diced into cubes before being added to one’s dish. However, the plant is exceptionally bitter to all other Races, to the point of rendering even a delicious-looking dish practically inedible. For this reason, Eronidas in Anglia and other multicultural areas take their Stoor Root on the side as an additive for later.


  • Stoor Root flowers are just about the only non-edible flowers that the Eronidas can stand, aside from those of the Shurbakal. They understand that to rip them off the plant will only harm it.
  • Stoor Roots are also enjoyed by several of the animals the Eronidas have tamed and used in their everyday lives, undoubtedly a result of millennia of close proximity to the Eronidas themselves.
  • The Maquixtl who come from Guldar seem to lack any knowledge of Stoor Roots, suggesting the plant has either become incredibly rare or has gone completely extinct from the land it originated in.

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