Axford Maiden

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Axford Maiden
Official Name Axford Maiden
Common Name Lady-in-Waiting
Classification Flower
Common Use Decoration
Origins Axell River, Regalian Archipelago
Habitat Damp soil

Sitting among flower beds all over the Regalian Empire can be found the Axford Maiden, a petite tulip most commonly heralded by the ladies of nobility, who cultivate the plant for its delicate perfume. It has long been a flower of Anglia and House Kade, whose center of power gave the flower its current name in Common. The petals of the bloom can be used to create a delightful perfume commonly worn by young ladies and their attendants, though it has been shown to cause respiratory issues with the more beastial Races of Aloria, such as the Urlan.


The Axford Maiden has a unique folklore and history that has intrigued even recent scholars with an interest in the Dragons. For many years the plant was found exclusively along the Axell River in Anglia, where the frequent rainfall and damp soil provided the perfect environment for its growth. Many natives touted that the tulip contained the essence of these grand creatures, due to the fact that the water of the Anglian lands trickled down from the Dragoncrown Peaks where the Dragons resided. With the settlement and then development of Axford at the hands of the Kade family after the Cataclysm, the flower was soon named after the capital city and cultivated for its sweet, delicate scent. It was then transplanted across the Archipelago, to other riverbeds in Anglia and to gardens in the capital city. The true origin of the Axford Maiden remained relatively unknown up until 300 AC, as it was commonly believed that the flower was native to the entirety of the Crown Isle, simply being named after the capital of Anglia. Regardless of its origin, it has remained in common use across the Archipelago and in major cities elsewhere in the Regalian Empire since its first discovery. Axford Maidens can often be found among beds of complementary flowers, but other times on the skin of women as a popular form of perfume used by young women and female attendants to nobility.


The Axford Maiden is a squat tulip easily identifiable by its deep blue petals that develop into a lighter cyan towards its center. Its stem is slender and thin, with small petite leaves dotting its length. The Axford Maiden likes to grow in patches among other flowers, co-existing with more populous species and deriving nutrients from the soil. In the wild, they are often found in damp and wet soil under the shade of trees, mimicking their riverside origins should no natural river be present.

Uses and Abilities

The Axford Maiden initially found its use as a decorative plant in the gardens of many upper-class citizens, and remains a popular addition to flower beds to this day. Its more common use however, is in perfume and soap. Upon cultivation it was found that when its petals are broken or torn, a beautiful fragrance is released. The scent is often described as sweet and floral, indicative of young women, with a musky undertone that develops the longer it is worn. The fragrance isn’t detectable by Yanar for unknown reasons, but is obnoxiously intense for animal-like Races.


  • Axford Maiden was recently reported to have begun growing in unprecedentedly large amounts along the shores of the Axell River. Why is unknown, but some have taken to farming the new burst of activity from these flowers to make the perfume it is known for.
  • When combined with strong alcohols by alchemists, the scent derived from the flower is described to be overwhelming, disgusting, and reminiscent of rotting cabbage.

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