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Official Name Geolutreo
Common Name Laurel Ash, Sweet-scent Seedling
Classification Tree
Common Use Utility, Artistic
Origins Old Ceardia
Habitat Temperate to humid climates

The Geolutreo is a tree well known Aloria-wide as a tree supposedly made of solid Gold, though many know this rumor is false and is merely born from countless ancient myths about its supposed creation. While it’s a dull golden color that only glitters when wet or misty, the Geolutreo is also known for its strange ability to alter the breezes that pass through it, making them smell sweet and feel warm. As a result, it has been widely used both in art and practical objects by Ailor and Elves for generations.


The Geolutreo has held a legendary status in association with the Ceardian people for millennia. Many ancient tales and fables existed among their people around the tree, attesting to at least a dozen different variations of how it came into the world; from a tree growing up through a horde of wealth hidden in the earth, to a primal natural goddess rewarding a long-suffering woodsman. In many such tales, the Geolutreo was presented as a tree of solid Gold, despite acting like a natural organism and not having the true characteristics of the metal. But its illustrious appearance, alongside its power to make all breezes sweet and warm, guaranteed its status as king of the forest in the mind of many Ceardians. It only took a mere few years for the Teledden slavers who came to the area to find and transplant samples of the tree back to their lands. The Teledden adored the plant, and many buried their confusion and concerns about why the Ailor had possessed the tree by claiming it had originally grown in their homeland before Demons destroyed its saplings. As a result, despite the clear and ancient history of the tree’s relationship with the Ailor of Oldtera, many came to believe, and many still do, that the tree was native to Allorn territory first and was transplanted to Oldtera by the Teledden, rather than the other way around.

As time passed, Geolutreos spread across the Allorn Empire, seeded into all the lands they held and even some beyond it. However, the formation of the Proto-Velheim and the Fornoss faith saw the tree transplanted even beyond those lands, to regions of Northbelt, Eastwynd, and the Regalian Archipelago outside of Teledden oversight. Following the Cataclysm, many came to view the trees as beautiful and useful, but not as majestic as they once were. Instead, a myth emerged that they had once been solid Gold, but time had “tarnished” this aspect until they were natural wood and foliage once more. The trees also gradually lost their religious significance as the climate shift in Northbelt killed many specimens in those areas, and the Cataclysm along with the Wildering destroyed many transplanted examples of the tree in Allorn territory. The final indignity suffered by the tree was the Destruction of Old Ceardia which caused the species to lose its place of origin, though efforts exist today to recolonize the area. While the Geolutreo is no longer worshiped as much as it once was, many artisans find its wood perfect for artistic and practical works to make use of its natural gifts, while its sap can be used in the creation of perfumes. The tree is also still popular as a subject of fables and tall tales, be they Ceardian, Velheim or from another group who keeps alive the ancient traditions of the Ailor homeland.


Geolutreos stand at a medium height between ten and twenty feet tall, with growing conditions heavily impacting their size. Their roots are surprisingly smooth and thick, connecting at the base of the trunk and meeting with similarly smooth bark that reaches up into the wider tree. This bark is a dull golden hue, though tends to glitter after morning dews and rainfall. The tree’s branches end in dense bundles of long, serrated leaves, as well as flower blooms of lobe-shaped petals which hang down in light clusters. The leaves of the tree are a similar golden tone as the bark, and the tree’s flowers are a pale yellow and exude a sweet scent similar to the overall scent of the tree.

Uses and Abilities

Geolutreos are best known for their effect on the wind, turning any breeze that runs through and along the tree into a sweet, warm wind, no matter its prior temperature or fragrance. It’s also known for its sap, which has the same sweet scent as the tree’s impact on the wind, while the tree’s flowers also emit the scent when in bloom. As a result of these features, Geolutreos have often been used to craft window slats, wind chimes, or similar pieces around the entryways into houses. The tree’s sap and flowers meanwhile are commonly used to craft unique perfumes for the wealthy.


  • The Geolutreo scent is typically described as a floral aroma similar to lilac.
  • Root rot has a nasty effect on Geolutreos, as instead of being sweet, the breeze produced by a sick tree will still be warm, but with a scent like rotting fish.
  • Laurels of the tree’s leaves and flowers are common peasant crowns for winners of major events and honors in areas that have Geolutreos in abundance.

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