Sieth'lusia Seagrass

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Sieth'lusia Seagrass
Official Name Sieth’lusia Seagrass
Common Name Brown Seagrass
Classification Grass
Common Use Utility
Origins Oceans around Altaleï
Habitat Underwater

A rough, scratchy fiber most commonly used in rope and sailing equipment, Sieth’lusia Seagrass is commonly found in bodies of water around Altaleï, and some nearby regions. It is unique in its structure and is most commonly used among the commoners and lower classes of many nautical Cultures and Races.


Sieth’lusia Seagrass likely existed for many years before its first discovery by the Fin’ullen sometime during the height of the Allorn Empire. The discovery of the plant was initially low-key, as unlike Corpse Weed which had definite negative effects and soon earned a sinister reputation, the Seagrass was harmless but also hopelessly dull. Its coloration was not noteworthy, and so it was ultimately cataloged and moved past by the Allorn Empire. As the centuries wore on, however, the unspoken lower classes of the Empire, namely simple fishermen and sailors, came to realize the uses for Sieth’lusia Seagrass. They spread this knowledge slowly, where it was soon known to the Ailor and other slaves of the region before spreading by nautical networks to Allorn colonies or groups in foreign lands. Ultimately, many continued to ignore the plant, up until the Cataclysm. Within hours, sophisticated production methods, ample stores, and many more benefits were eliminated, and many slaves on the run had no resources to need to fret over, to begin with. The Seagrass as a cheap material for rope became incredibly common, and while later decades saw those who could afford it move away from it, many others of the lower classes across Altaleï and in surrounding lands still use it to craft their gear, or keep it in reserve should their proper rope of hemp or other substances snap or needs help.


Sieth’lusia Seagrass stands at anywhere from three to nine feet in length and starts out from a base of white roots attaching them to the waterbed. From this root comes anywhere from one to five Seagrass blades, but even these are unique in the world of flora. Unlike a central, single spine of other leaves or even a network like in oak and maple trees, Sieth’lusia Seagrass is made up of two semi-rigid veins that serve as the plant’s borders. Thicker than the growth between them, this often creates a shape where the plant’s end is indented like a classic ribbon. The plant’s coloration is an unappetizing green-brown hue, which is darkest around and along the veins.

Uses and Abilities

Sieth’lusia Seagrass has a few utilitarian uses, all derived from the plant’s fibers. The most well known use for it is the creation of rope, commonly employed in ship rigging or tying things down. Another similar use is the creation of thread, used to patch holes or serve as clothing features on the lower classes. The reason for its use as a secondary material when compared to others ultimately comes down to the fact that when dried and used, Sieth’lusia Seagrass is rough and scratchy, not suitable for long term use or wear on unprepared skin. Some particularly odd religious sorts who are closely tied to the sea see using Sieth’lusia Seagrass vestments, woven wholly from the material, as a source of penance to honor the sea.


  • Fin'ullen ships often use ropes woven from the Seagrass to form the nets or ropes that hold their food stores, as they believe the fibers help maintain the food for longer.
  • Some claim that the servants of the Estelley god of the sea make use of the plant as rope as well to help sling weapons or more around their bodies.

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