Rundre Ash Vine

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Rundre Ash Vine
Official Name Rundre Ash Vine
Common Name Lava Vines
Classification Vine
Common Use N/A
Origins Fendarfelle
Habitat Tropical jungles around volcanoes and volcanic rock faces

Rundre Ash Vines are unique plants which heavily alter their appearance between the seasons. In fall and winter, their dark green leaves and stem blending into the rocky volcanic faces and dense jungle brush around these volcanoes that they dwell in, while in summer these colors are joined by bright red, small flowers. However, all throughout the spring, the plant is a brilliant scarlet red, appearing almost like small lava flows and is lightly bioluminescent, thus dully lighting up the night with red illumination.


Rundre Ash Vines were discovered in 276 AC as exploration into Fendarfelle finally reached Mt. Rundre, named from afar by an earlier Ceardian explorer. When approaching the dormant peak, explorers came across strange vines that, in their season of spring, were practically bioluminescent and throbbed with a vibrant red. In fact, this effect was so prominent that an exploration team who approached the volcano at dusk feared that laval was leaking down its sides and into the jungle. In the decades since its discovery, the species of vine has been discovered elsewhere in Fendarfelle in and around other volcanoes, having gone unnoticed due to their mundane appearance during the summer, autumn, and winter. They have resisted transplantation to even the Fendarfelle coastline, and so remain a united natural feature of inland Fendarfelle and a natural nighttime lightsource for the animals and scant explorers who exist in this interior.


Rundre Ash Vines can grow to incredible lengths, up to sixteen feet long, and are based around a central knobby stem that is a deep, dark green. The plant is covered in small, thick ovate leaves and, during the summertime, small tubular red flowers with yellow pistils that are about two inches tall at most. However, it is during the springtime that the plant possesses its main characteristic; the deep green of the stem will split in certain parts with a bright red, fleshy, and bulbous growth emerging. These “Lava Growths” can be up to a foot long, and are suspected to be a unique adaptation of the plant to trick animals into seeing them as lava. Others believe that the growths are the vine’s own unique way of gathering enough nutrients to bloom its beautiful flowers in the summer.

Uses and Abilities

Rundre Ash Vines have no uses, as they cannot be transplanted from the rocky faces and woody environs of volcanoes. However, their violently red Lava Growths, when emerged, are faintly bioluminescent and illuminate in the dark. As a result, the Vines look like small lava flows at night.


  • The ash part of the Rundre Ash Vine’s name comes from how most suspect that it is heavy concentrations of volcanic ash that allow the plant to grow and thrive, hence why it barely survives at even the fringes of Fendarfelle.
  • Rundre Ash Vines are said to taste solely of unappealing, chewy plant matter, at least according to an explorer’s journal published in 297 AC.

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