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|Processors = Shayin, Shuikenai
|Processors = Shayin, Shuikenai
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[[Category:flora]] [[category:Drowda Flora]] [[category: grasses]]

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Shadow Weed
Shadow Weed.png
Official Name Shadow Weed
Common Name Dae Galenas
Classification Weed
Common Use Healing ingredient
Origins Drowda
Habitat Thrives in damp, dark areas

Native to the tainted and blackened forests of Drowda, Shadow Weed is a violet-colored weed which has a variety of uses. Shadow Weed grows exclusively in dark and dimmed areas, occasionally discovered in underground caverns and caves. Originally reaped by the Elves of Drowda for its healing properties, they soon discovered Shadow Weed’s additional uses.


Shadow Weed has no records of any official discovery, and outside of Drowda, very little is actually known about the plant. Like most of the flora on Drowda, though, Shadow Weed has been magically altered, due to the overwhelming presence of Void magic within Drowda’s ecosystem. The Drowdar were the first to discover Shadow Weed, interpreting it as a gift from their formidable spider queen, Estel. The weed was initially harvested for its healing properties, aiding the Drowdar warriors who were injured in their battle against the demons of the Forsaken Continent.

It was one of the possessed Shendar of the continent who discovered Shadow Weed’s calming effects, and in the process, discovered that the weed also serves as a respiratory cleanser. When ingested, the weed will relax and clear the lungs, resulting in alleviating and calming sensations.


With four broad, upturned leaves near the base, Shadow Weed is a stubby dark-violet plant. Certain parts of the plant are more ashy in color, such as the sepals and the stigma. Shadow Weed has a bulbous, light purple head.

Uses and Abilities

Shadow Weed is a useful respiratory cleanser, clearing the lungs of unwanted substances, and will cause mild relaxation when consumed. The weed, similarly to Ruby Flower, will speed up the healing process for wounds and injuries. When consumed by non-Drowdar and non-Shendar, however, Shadow Weed will cause severe sickness and high susceptibility to Void possession, due to the Void essence the plant has absorbed in Drowda, making it a very potentially dangerous plant. Shadow Weed will not make any mage more proficient at magic, regardless of whether they draw their form from the Void or not.


  • Most Altalar will simply refer to Shadow Weed as its official name, rather than its Elven counterpart, often simply to spite the simplified version of Middle Elven that Drowdar speak.
  • Shadow Weed is especially unhealthy for Yanar, and can be lethal if too much is ingested.

Writers Eledana
Artists Betterer
Processors Shayin, Shuikenai
Last Editor The Shadow King3 on 05/23/2017.

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