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Official Name Loon-Solay
Common Nicknames Mist Metal, Moon Shard
Category Daen Family Metallurgy
Origin Altaleï
Uses Utility, Decoration
Rarity Uncommon
Accessibility Middle and Upper Classes

Loon-Solay is a strange, almost unearthly metal that occurs in pockets across central and western Aloria. The Teledden were the first to forge it, and quickly came to tie the moon and the Solvaan to it, given its pure white color, and a trailing mist that formed when the material was moved through the air. When the Cataclysm came, the Ithanian Ailor came to dominate the production of the metal, and the material’s lightweight nature has often seen it used in both jewelry and small blades, accentuating the aesthetics of fighters and lovers both.


Loon-Solay has an unknown history, which is quite surprising to many, given its unique traits. Thought its largest deposits are found in Altaleï and Westwynd, some believe that for a long time the Teledden lacked the knowledge of how to forge it, and thus bring out its unique features. Another belief is that its discovery came late into the early period of Elven history, with the issues of later millennia burying the knowledge of how to use the material. What is certain is that, by 2500 BC, a range of Teledden knew how to work the metal, though its uses remained limited. Many called it “Sol Metal”, a reference not to the class of leaders in the Allorn Empire, but to the Solvaan and the Sol realms of Corontium. However, there is no evidence that Solleria had any Loon-Solay within it during this era, though others would say there is no evidence against this either. Regardless of origin point, by the time of the Cataclysm, knowledge of the metal had been spread across the Elven realms, and was leaking into those of the Ailor due to their close proximity. Following the end of the Allorn Empire, it was the rapidly developing Ithanian Culture that took to using Loon-Solay the most, in expensive and ornate jewelry objects, but also theatrical props, both imitating imagery of the moon due to its color and misty aftereffect. Similar objects emerged in other societies across Aloria and, today, the material is most commonly used in a decorative capacity. Some have chosen to make aesthetically pleasing weapons or tools from the substance, and may trick the eye at first into seeing blades or objects of magical origin when in fact, the substance is mere mundane.



The ore used to make Loon-Solay is highly porous and has a dirty-white coloration when in the ground. Said ore is marred by thin grey lines and spots, along with sharp edges and a pockmarked surface. Once refined though, Loony-Solay takes on a ceramic-like white color and sheen.

General Uses

The most common use of Loon-Solay is in decorative objects, oftentimes being jewelry, and often being a purchase of Ithanian nobles or those influenced by them. Earrings, pendants and necklaces of the substance are the most commonly created objects in this use. In a newer vein of development, some have taken to forming weapons or tools using the material; its vaguely etheric effect is a stunning statement. Since Loon-Solay is such a light material, it's not very well suited for heavy weapons or hardy tools. Tools made of Loon-Solay are typically small and meant for delicate procedures, fitting for the Elves, such as cutting fine paper or carving wood. On the other hand, weapons usually come in the form of bladed weapons meant to be swung in wide and graceful arcs, which do well to show off the metal's near magical properties.


Loon-Solay, once it has been refined, gives off a mist-like dew that follows its movements through the air. This aftereffect only lasts a second or two, and can be quite startling and beautiful when used in an effective manner.


  • Worshipers of death also appear to have links with the substance, as 310 AC saw scholars uncovering ancient gravesites of Ordial worshipers with what seem to be simple Loon-Solay talismans among the objects.
  • Despite the historic tie to them, the Solvaan make little use of Loon-Solay, primarily since in their mist-filled land, a misty weapon or objects does not pack the same punch as in other regions. Some do wear it when they leave the region though, as a symbol of both their identity and as a symbolic connection to their homeland.

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