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Official Name Crenishard
Common Nicknames Crystal Tube, Dwarf Quartz
Origin Ellador
Uses Decorative, Utility
Rarity Rare
Accessibility Upper Class

Crenishard is a sharp, light blue crystal that is found mainly in surface caves in Ellador. The material, surprisingly, went undiscovered for over two centuries before finally being found and explored by the Dwarves, which helped lead them to the creation of the Cryostim. This device has remained the main reason for the mining and shipment of Crenishard abroad as Crenishards, those individual and narrow rods capable of carved from a piece of the crystal, are the sole item able to tip the substance-distributing Cryostim.


It seems inconceivable that the Dwarves of Ellador could not have been aware of a material found in the rock and earth of their ancient homeland. And yet, they were, as Crenishard wasn’t discovered until 261 AC by Dwarves from the Hold of Grebor. Forced to shelter in unknown, near-surface caves in the middle of a blizzard, a party of Dwarves came upon the glittering sharp crystals. Awestruck by them, they extracted samples before returning to the Hold with their haul, with proper mining operations to acquire the material taking several more years to set up. Most Dwarves today believe that Crenishard is a material formed by the same magical explosion that created the Isldar and turned much of The North Belt into a frozen wasteland. To them, this explains how they overlooked such a mineral present on their continent for so long. Some others contend that Crenishard likely has always existed, but the Dwarven obsession with digging deeper and retreating from the surface meant that these crystals flew under their radar. Regardless of the true nature or origin of Crenishard, the material has been mined by Dwarves and hardy Ailor henceforth, to be exported ever-outwards. This is especially true in the wake of the Dwarf-developed Cryostim, a device of unparalleled benefits in the medical field of which the use expanded with time. Unfortunately, the recent takeover of Ellador by the Isldar has started to sharply decline the amount of Crenishard available on the market. Luckily for most, it can only be sold in bulk and dozens of Crenishard tips for Cryostims are capable of being extracted from just one hunk of the mineral. But still, should the Isldar sweep in and fully shut down all external trade, there are sure to be many more advocates for the Regalian Empire to do something about the situation in Ellador.



Crenishard is a densely packed and opaque light blue form of crystal that appears hexagonal in shape, though the individual Crenishards that are carved into a single piece, are usually polished to be more of a smooth-edged hexagon, if not a complete circle. It is exceptionally strong and resistant to first strikes, and it is also sharp, particularly on pieces newly carved or chipped out into the open air, meaning they are handled by heavily padded or well-covered workers.

General Uses

Crenishard is primarily used in the Cryostim, individual Crenishard pieces serving as the device’s fine tip that gives it far easier skin-piercing abilities than clunky, larger metal needles. The material is also rumored to be a second-hand or lesser valued resource in Isldar jewelry, as a few Isldar as recent as 301 AC have apparently bought the material for just that purpose, with reports that they later wore it. Whether or not the internal Isldar hierarchy of loyalty to the Great Ice Dragon Frist is involved in who wears such materials is unknown.


  • Crenishard carving is a dangerous craft as one wrong slip can deeply slice open a finger, or worse, practically ruin it.
  • Crenishard is theorized to perhaps also exist in Jorrhildr, if the Dwarven claims of how it came to be, are true. However, the land being as savage as it is, has lead to few seriously exploring that possibility.

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