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Official Name Crenishard
Common Nicknames Crystal Tube, Dwarf Quartz
Origin Ellador
Uses Decorative, Utility
Rarity Rare
Accessibility Upper Class

Crenishard is a sharp, light blue crystal found mainly in surface caves in Ellador. The material, surprisingly, went unnoticed for over two centuries before the Dwarves finally discovered it, which helped lead them to the creation of the Cryostim. This device was the main reason for the mining and shipment of Crenishard abroad, as Crenishards, those individual and narrow rods capable of being carved from a piece of the crystal, are the sole item able to tip the substance-distributing Cryostim. In recent years, the medical machine has lost favor, and more aesthetic objects crafted from crystals have been growing in popularity for some.


It is unknown how an underground material could have escaped the notice of the Dwarves for as long as Crenishard did, but some suggest they did not and postulate the mineral was the product of the arcane blast that birthed the Isldar and began the doom of the Dwarves. However, others believe that the material’s close coloration to ice, and appearance in cavern systems the old Dwarves were extremely unlikely to encounter (even when they did live more on the surface of Ellador), is the reason for this oversight. Regardless, the material was discovered at around 200 AC by Dwarves from Grebor who sought to avoid potential Isldar ambushes by taking shelter in a cave system.

This discovery was of interest to some, but it took several decades, until 261 AC, for a Dwarven inventor to create the device known today as a Cryostim. A significant advancement for the mundane medical field, the creation saw Crenishards required in large numbers by the Regalian Empire over the coming four decades, and the Dwarves certainly sought to supply them. However, unknown to any, the Isldar had been making use of Crenishard themselves for jewelry, and there are reports of clashes between their patrols and Dwarves seeking out more Crenishard. Ultimately, the Crenishard rush died down after 300 AC. The slow loosening of Magic saw magical healers, previously only a luxury, or a group isolated to certain communities, gain greater note in Regalian societies. The capital was the primary setting for this, and while today, Crenishard is still used in Cryostims, the machine has been replaced both by these healers, and technological advancements involving metallurgy. Crenishards are also now more popular as jewelry since the split of the Isldar saw their divided community spread their influence, and their harsh beauty appeals to many in the fashion field. Ultimately, the crystal will no doubt continue to play a role in Alorian society.



Crenishard is a densely packed and opaque light blue form of crystal that appears hexagonal, though the individual Crenishards that are carved into a single piece, are usually polished to be more of a smooth-edged hexagon if not a complete circle. The crystal is exceptionally strong and resistant to first strikes, and it is also sharp, particularly on pieces newly carved or chipped out into the open air, meaning they are handled by heavily padded or well-covered workers.

General Uses

Crenishard is primarily used in the Cryostim, with individual Crenishard pieces serving as the device’s fine tip that gives it far easier skin-piercing abilities. The material is also used in jewelry, and not just pieces for the Isldar anymore, but the Ailor and other Elves as well.


  • Crenishard carving was a dangerous craft since made safer by years of improvement to the process.
  • It is possible Crenishard might exist in parts of Northbelt, but the Dwarves of these areas have yet to find it.

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