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Official Name Copper
Common Nicknames Old Gold
Proficiency Requires 5 points in Smithing
Origin Aloria
Uses Various
Rarity Common
Accessibility All Classes

Copper is a common metal found all across Aloria, in mineral deposits and throughout markets. The mineral is extremely common, and has been used by the lower classes of all races for centuries. It is often seen in the hands of the Qadir, as its ability to conduct heat and electricity makes it useful in various kinds of machinery. It is also used to create the alloy of Bronze, another metal widely used for decoration, due to its fairly extravagant appearance and low cost. Given its bountiful presence across Aloria, it is unlikely that this mineral will run out or go unused.


Copper has been used for centuries by early civilization and the lower rung of society. The Seraph, Second Civilization, Third Civilization, Meraic Civilization and Elven Empire all made use of Copper in the beginning of their own respective civilizations. The two groups to make use of Copper most thoroughly were the Varran Empire and later, the Qadir of the Sariyd Empire. Records of the Varran Empire are very limited, but evidence and tales of their machines points to copper playing an extensive role in their society until its collapse at the hands of the Elves. Across the ocean in Farah’deen, the Sariyd Empire mined Copper in vast quantities and used it in machines of their own, a purpose that remains among the Qadir. Many Hadrityas trade their technology and other goods for supplies of Copper for it to go into their machinery directly. In the wider world, Copper is commonly seen as a poor man’s metal, used in many common items from pans to jewelry to coinage, and this usage looks to continue for the foreseeable future.



Copper is a brown-gold metal that appears in porous deposits across the world. When refined, the metal has a somewhat dull reflection, and tends not to hold a polish for particularly long.

General Uses

Copper has many uses, from serving as a metal in cheap or simple jewelry, to helping create cooking implements. The metal is also sometimes used in the mechanical devices of the Qadir, as it can conduct heat and electricity extremely well. The mineral, when combined with Tin, is able to create Bronze.


Copper has the ability to conduct heat and electricity far better than most other metals.


  • Copper is most commonly found in mountain ranges, but curiously, the largest deposit to date was discovered on a flat plain in Ithania.
  • Copper statues were once common across the early Regalian Empire. The only one remaining up for public display is an ancient statue in western Anglia known only as The Loner. The statue’s plaque is gone and time has rusted the statue into an almost unrecognizable state.
  • Copper jewelry is most common among the Velheim people of Aloria, even as other cultures turn to better minerals like Bronze or Gold.

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