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Official Name Nightsilver
Common Nicknames Starlight Ore, Sca’Elle Prej’sanirall (Sca’Elle Gift/Present)
Proficiency Daen Family Metallurgy
Origin Altalar
Uses Utility, Decoration
Rarity Rare
Accessibility Middle and Upper Class

Nightsilver is a rare substance made out of chemically altered Steel, invented by Altalar dedicated to Sca’Elle millennia ago. Used for untold centuries by the warriors and statespeople of the Allorn Empire, it ultimately morphed into a status symbol of Altalar power and purity. In recent years, as the Altalar whirl from the collapse of the Northern Kingdoms, the invasion of Regalia and most recently an invasion by the Kathar, Nightsilver is now seen on many of the most important Altalar military commanders in the field of battle instead of in the halls of ancient houses or grand parties celebrating the magnificence of their Race. The rebirth of the Allorn Empire has also resulted in a fervor of activity, and Nightsilver will undoubtedly continue to be produced in Aloria.


Nightsilver has been part of Altalar history since the earliest known records of the Allorn Empire. The techniques used to forge Nightsilver today took approximately two centuries to perfect. It was initially used in the creation of religious artifacts and decorative icons for the temples to the Altalar Pantheon, particularly to the deity who helped the Altalar create it, Sca'Elle, but over time the Altalar learned it could be transformed into beautiful, slender armor to protect themselves, and took to it rapidly as a superior material. Nightsilver quickly became a prestigious possession for Altalar nobility and warriors and has remained so up until modern times. However, to many other Races, the material is vile incarnate, worn by slavers and Mages who oppressed thousands at the height of the Allorn Empire, and has seen rare use even by groups like the Ithanian Ailor who are scions of the Altalar. When the Cataclysm came, most inventories of the substance were either destroyed by the Wildering or their wearers crushed by the combatants of other Races, be they revolting slaves, Eronidas, or Kathar, who themselves largely have abandoned the use of the material. Today, Nightsilver is capable of being made into many beautiful objects but remains largely confined to the Altalar that exist on the Daen continent. With the rebirth of the Allorn Empire, the material has again been vaulted into the public eye, as forges churn out suits of the substance for the nation’s most elite warriors and new objects of worship praising the return of Talea.



Nightsilver is a beautiful substance and is forged by Altalar smiths using a secret mixture of materials known as Essence of Night. Smiths will only ever teach their apprentices how to make this special bath, and while the lure of money can be considerable, having every Altalar loyalist from the Sundial Isles to Farah’deen wanting you dead for revealing the secrets is often enough to convince those with greedy intentions from pursuing their goals. Pieces of Steel are drenched in Essence of Night, which rapidly adheres to their form and, after further shaping, fully combines together. The result is a metal with the color of a dark blue night sky, punctuated by small bits of shining light.

General Uses

Nightsilver is used almost exclusively by Altalar to adorn themselves for battle. The Altalar have developed a form of armor known as scalemail that is used exclusively with Nightsilver, which is comparable to Ailor chainmail and is often considered a fine sheath of protection around their bodies. When used in weaponry, most Altalar choose swords to be made with Nightsilver, as the aesthetic effect of moving Nightsilver is much more present in such weapons.


Nightsilver has the ability to produce a dusting of star-like glitter when moving that remains as an afterimage of the blade for several seconds, gradually decaying through the air. This effect is most striking at night, but even during the day, it would appear that one is wearing or wielding a piece of living nighttime.


  • Nightsilver weapons and armor captured by the Regalian Empire are rare. In the Elven War of 302 AC, while many pieces were taken from defeated officers and important guards, a few Altalar agents destroyed much of it, though at the cost of their lives mere hours later.
  • Nightsilver does not rust.
  • Many suspect that the Breizh, the Ailor Culture who first widely adopted chainmail, got the concept from their battles with the Solvaan Altalar, whose elite likely wore chainmail of Nightsilver.

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