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Official Name Amberite
Common Nicknames Desert Blood
Origin Farahdeen
Uses Decorative
Rarity Uncommon
Accessibility All Classes

Amberite is a unique mineral largely found beneath the sands of Farahdeen but also in other, sporadic regions of Aloria. Orange to orange-yellow, the Songaskia hail it as petrified sunlight, similar to Solacrox, while others point out its origin as likely being from plants that existed before the Great Storm. This is supported by its presence in other regions, in ancient places dating back millennia. Regardless of its origins, Amberite is popular with the Songaskian populace and can be found in other areas as more of a curiosity than a highly valued gemstone.


Amberite is a substance only recently uncovered in the past few centuries, and largely comes from one source. In the ancient past, while Farahdeen was always an arid and generally dry region, it was once more lush in several areas. Refreshing rivers emerging from their great mountain ranges helped to form fertile, albeit temperamental plains, small lakes, and even examples of large-scale vegetation, particularly in valleys. These places were often inhabited by the Qadir in their ancient times, but as their cities expanded, oases in the surrounding deserts and coastal settlements grew in importance. Millennia later, when the Great Storm struck, many of these lush regions were ripped barren and scholars theorize that Amberite originates from the broken-down plant matter and sap from these regions superheated and then cooled by the freak weather event. This is supported in the few locations Amberite is found elsewhere in Aloria, often ancient and deep sites among the limited fossils present in the world’s geology. However, the Songaskia largely ignore such ideas and believe the substance is solidified sunlight, captured and preserved in the earth by the Dragons during the Great Storm. For this reason it is fairly popular, while also being easy to acquire, with its great “veins” mined for vast amounts of Amberite each decade. The Qadir have access to their own examples of the material, as do other parts of the world, but beyond it often being a curiosity to scholars, collectors, and eccentrics, no others beyond the Songaskia value it as much.



Amberite is a smooth and blobbish orange to orange-yellow substance when found in its natural state. It is generally transparent, but some caches are known to be “impure”, either due to swirls of a beige color that deadens its translucency or due to the presence of petrified plants and small animals. Such impurities are often carved out of the clearest, most richly colored samples of Amberite and passed down to the lower classes, or are sold to scholarly groups who enjoy studying the preserved insects and animals found in the Amberite.

General Uses

Amberite has only two real uses, the first being jewelry. Due to its connections to sunlight, Amberite is often seen as second to only Solacrox in terms of appealing gemstones for Songaskia society. It is also not as rare as Solacrox, meaning that a wider part of the population can wear it, often in bangles and necklaces of the substance, though some will set it as a lesser stone around a piece of Solacrox. The other use of the material is as a form of incense, as when burned, or rather melted under constant but low heat, Amberite liquifies and lets off a musky aroma. The resulting oil is thus taken and turned into expensive perfumes.


  • The largest piece of Amberite uncovered to date is a one-foot by one-foot “bubble” of the gemstone in which held a slightly curled Desert Mouse. It was not cut into and was instead taken by Songaskian scholars from the pearl city of Moptoii.
  • Other sites of Amberite in Aloria are noted to correlate to sites of the Night of the Weeping Stars, when the great living Va’sil Trees were burned, while others are found in ancient lands with centuries of Ailor habitation with dense, tightly protected, sacred groves.

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