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Official Name Solacrox
Common Nicknames Sunstone
Origin Farahdeen
Uses Decoration, Utility
Rarity Common
Accessibility All Classes

Solacrox, also known as Sunstone, is a staple gemstone in the desert continent of Farahdeen. Discovered by the ancient Qadir, the substance was more significantly embraced by the Songaskia upon their emergence given their adoration of the sun. As a result, this yellow gemstone, with its ability to shine at night, has been used throughout their cities and settlements thanks to its many uses. The substance is also used by the Qadir in some of their technology and is a curiosity well appreciated by outsiders who often have a tough time acquiring the substance.


Solacrox was first discovered millennia before the Cataclysm by the early Sariyd Empire and the Qadir people at large, with mythical claims stating it came from a falling star or was a shard of the sun that splintered off and fell to earth. Its unique trait, glowing even at night, made it a popular material in the early centuries of Sariyd existence as it was used to light their cities, and was used in still-developing technological devices. However, with time and the technological leaps achieved by the Sariyd, Solacrox was left by the wayside. It was utilized in what little concepts of fashion existed in Sariyd society and in lower-end technology. However, when the Sariyd state collapsed in the face of the Great Storm, the Songaskia were created and they quickly came to love Solacrox. While not sun worshipers, they still adored its rays and lent significant symbolism to the sun’s light. It has since become a core decorative element in their many temples to the Dragons, as well as in Songaskian fashion. Solacrox is rarely available outside of the continent of Farahdeen, so buyers must also beware of those seeking to trick customers with colored glass rather than genuine gemstones.



Solacrox is a glassy substance and is always yellow in primary coloration, ranging in tone from a deep golden hue to a faint tone of morning light. The gemstone’s secondary colors are usually flecks of orange and red, somewhat randomly mixed into a swirl pattern throughout the middle of the gemstone or completely concentrated into its “core” or middle of the deposit. The size of the raw gemstone ranges from that of an Ailor’s fist up to boulders larger than a house. These larger deposits of gemstones are incredibly rare and unlike smaller ones, are often buried deep in the sand. Once cut, Solacrox gemstones are often made smooth and round - ranging from spherical to oblong.

General Uses

Solacrox has a wide range of uses, the most prominent one being its use in decoration. Some of this is purely flamboyant or for show; the substance attached to jewelry that is specifically used to faintly illuminate one at night, a small statue kept in one’s home, or through its incorporation into external architecture or art. As can be imagined, this is also the beginning of its utility, as the substance is kept in the sun for much of the day and serves as a weak torch to help illuminate the undercities of the Songaskian Pearl Cities. The material is also used by the Qadir in their technology, most often as a source of light inserted into observation devices or special weapons. The final use for the stone is the rarest one, only done by a handful of companies, and that is its use in the making of dye. Upon crushing up a sample of the material at least as big as a fist, a range of yellow colors can be produced which are often used to make an array of high-quality clothing.


Solacrox can glow once the sun has grown low or has fully set in the sky. The most common theory as to how it does this, is that it collects the rays of the sun to power its nighttime illumination. A sunny day’s worth of direct sunshine will result in the stone glowing throughout the entire night. The power of this light varies but it is generally brighter the larger the stone is.


  • It is rumored there are mountains made entirely of Solacrox somewhere deep in the deserts of Farahdeen, acting as a beacon in the great sandstorms.
  • Larger Solacrox pieces are often split into several smaller gems, though some especially large stones are given names and are set within or atop Songaskian temples.

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