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Official Name Chinnochra
Common Nicknames Red Bronze
Category Farad Family Metallurgy
Origin Farahdeen
Uses Decorative, Utility
Rarity Rare
Accessibility Middle and Upper Class

Cinnochra is a deep red and pliable metal found in Farahdeen and is said by the Qadir to be stained red with the blood that ran from the thousands of lifeforms killed by the Great Storm. However, the Songaskia counter that the Qadir had long known about the material, and even resist the most zealous of their faith who proclaim it to be a metal formed from the blood of Dragons. It is unknown which is true, but it is certain that the material is brightly colored and, while rarely used alone in objects, is instead commonly used in dyes, paints, and more. Overall, it is a highly diverse mineral and one of the main exports of the Songaskian Masaya and other Farahdeen nations.


The history of Cinnochra has been obscured by the collapse of the Sariyd Empire and the rise of the Songaskian Masaya that took their place. Many Qadir to this day will bitterly state it was the Great Storm that created Cinnochra, the blood of so many mixing with the dark magic of the Dragons to produce a material within the sands. But the Songaskians, and some more liberal Qadir, disagree. Mentions do exist of bright red plated machines of the Sariyd Empire, which would suggest the red metal of Cinnochra, but given the loss of perhaps thousands of ancient Qadir sites and technologies this debate will not be settled for decades more. What is certain is that after the Great Storm, the Songaskians quickly found and began to exploit the natural material, experimenting with it extensively while the Qadir regions of Farahdeen lagged behind in this effort. By 150 AC, a host of uses had been discovered by the Songaskia and they soon traded it to the Teledden and, eventually, the Ailor regions they encountered. The Qadir later did the same, and to this day the two Races maintain a trade rivalry for the material. When found, Cinnochra pockets are huge, but once they dry up, some prospectors have taken a decade to find another vein that can be exploited. For this reason, the price of the material wildly fluctuates, to say little of the effects of recent wars on the Songaskian Masaya and other nations of Farahdeen. Still, the material has its uses, and it shows no signs of running fully dry.



Cinnochra is a deep red and brittle metal that cracks and breaks down when it is heated; in a refined state, it keeps its deep crimson hue.

General Uses

Cinnocra has multiple uses, generally serves a decorative purpose once it is ground down into a fine powder. For cloth makers, it serves as a strong and powerful dye used to bring rich reds to their fabrics, which are often used in high quality, upper class clothing. For cosmeticians, the powder can be used in high quality lip treatments and skin blushes. For artists, the powder can be used in their paints to provide a similarly vivid red as might appear in cloth. Cinnochra is also used in the lacquer finishes of wood; adding the powder to a wooden surface and then rubbing it down gives the wood a healthy reddish hue. Some have used it to make weapons, tools and armor, but its bright red color, rarity, and only medium strength on par with that of normal Steel make such things rare.


  • There is some confusion on if the metal gets its name from the food item, or if it is the other way around.

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