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Official Name Chinnochra
Common Nicknames Red Bronze
Proficiency Requires 2 points in Smithing
Origin Fendarfelle
Uses Decorative
Rarity Rare
Accessibility Upper Class

Cinnochra is a deep red metal found all over Fendarfelle. Once one of the most important materials extracted by the Regalian half of the Fendarfelle Colonies before the Bone Horror Crisis killed a large quantity of the miners responsible for obtaining Cinnochra, abruptly decreasing the mineral’s supply. Thus, following the years after the Bone Horrors, acquiring this metal has proved to be a challenge for those of lesser wealth. Due to its red coloration, when ground down into a fine powder it serves as a strong and very powerful dye used to bring colour to noble garb, and a selection of very powerfully coloured cosmetic products. Some artists even use the metal for their paints. Cinnochra is also used in the lacquer finishes of wood, as adding in the powder gives the planks a healthy reddish hue to them. One of the metal’s interesting properties, however, is its cinnamon-like taste, yet what comes with it, is toxicity and poisoning, should a large quantity be ingested. Overall, it is a highly diverse mineral and one of the main focuses of the Regalian Empire in their quest to civilize the jungle continent.


Cinnochra was a material commonly linked to the Drovv people that lived in what was northern Daen centuries before the Cataclysm. Similarly to today, it was used in several industries by these people, who traded it to the Elven Empire before and after the nation became their overlords. Unfortunately, the Cataclysm severed this trade link, as it destroyed the land bridge between Daen and Fendarfelle while also breaking up a large part of Drovv land. When Ithanians re-discovered the continent, they focused mainly on the fertile earth and kept much of the landscape intact. When the Regalian Empire arrived, however, they immediately saw value in industrializing the continent’s resources. Deforestation was prompt and swift, and mines were dug deep into the land, soon unearthing Cinnochra for the first time in nearly three centuries. Ithanian scholars eventually identified the material as the same used by the Drovv, giving it the official name of Cinnochra. The mineral was a great boon to the Fendarfelle Colonies, as it was slave labor that raised it up from the earth, thus allowing finances to reach more “essential” areas of the Regalian Government. Unfortunately, this did not last. When the Bone Horror Crisis struck, the Colonies were some of the worst hit, ultimately losing approximately 70% of their population. Mines now lay abandoned, some even holding aggressive fauna that seek to reclaim their lost hold on the southeastern shoreline. Currently, the Regalian Empire is focused on other areas so for now, Cinnochra remains rare as what few mines that operate are limited in their size.



Cinnochra is a deep red and brittle metal that cracks and breaks down when it is heated.

General Uses

Cinnocra has multiple uses, but can generally be summarized to serve a decorative purpose once it is ground down into a fine powder. For cloth makers, it serves as a strong and powerful dye used to bring rich reds to their fabrics, which are often used in high quality in upper class clothing. For cosmeticians, the powder can be used in high quality lip treatments and skin blushes. For artists, the powder can be used in their paints to provide a similarly vivid red as might appear in cloth. Cinnochra is also used in the lacquer finishes of wood, as adding in the powder to a wooden surface, and then rubbing it down, gives the natural substance a healthy reddish hue to them.


Cinnochra has the interesting property of smelling and tasting like cinnamon. Unfortunately, it does not digest like cinnamon, as any amount will cause bowel issues and in larger amounts, cause substantial pain in the lower body as well as unnatural sweating.


  • Cinnochra became, briefly, a favored method of revenge for scorned lovers in Ithanian. Making the ground metal into a baked good and delivering it as a, “Its fine, I understand” present, was very popular from 281 to 285 AC before the Grand Sovereign’s nephew was poisoned, after which it became incredibly unfashionable.
  • There is some confusion on if the metal gets its name from the food item, or if it the other way around. They were introduced to the Elves at similar times so there is likely to never be a definitive answer.
  • The substance was briefly used by a desperate restaurant owner seeking to eliminate his rodent problem. He was successful as they ate small amounts of the substance, increasing their droppings and this allowed him to track them down to their nest which he promptly destroyed.

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