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Official Name Brass
Common Nicknames Sand Copper, Qadir Metal
Category Bronze Family Metallurgy
Origin Farahdeen
Uses Decoration, Utility, Musical
Rarity Common
Accessibility Commoner

Brass is an alloy made of Copper and zinc, first developed by the ancient Qadir Ailor of the Sariyd Empire for use in their Clockwork machines. Since that time, the knowledge of how to produce the alloy has reached other Races and Cultures, but none use it as much as the Qadir do. The metal alloy is able to conduct electrical charges and exists in three different types, with certain visual traits and particular uses often given to each.


Brass was seemingly undiscovered for millennia in wider Aloria following the fall of the Meraic. The reasons for why are somewhat confusing, as all the needed elements to make the metal were around for that time, but most believe that other regions simply confused Brass with some form of altered Copper or Bronze. This did not happen with the Qadir; perhaps because they worked so extensively to refine and craft as many metals as possible that could be used in their machines or perhaps because their ancient land possessed great quantities of zinc. What is certain is that the Qadir had access to Brass very early in the formation of their society and it became ingrained into the creation of their Clockwork devices. Coming in several varieties of various melting points, malleability and electric conductibility, the material was far more workable and suitable for the diverse components of a Qadir machine. Wider Aloria became more aware of Brass within the final few centuries before the Cataclysm, as Qadir transported the knowledge of creating the metal beyond Farahdeen when they began to settle themselves in their admittedly isolationist enclaves. Since the Cataclysm, the metal has been known to multiple Cultures and Races who use it for a variety of purposes, but Brass still sees the most use in Qadir machines. This makes the materials needed to smelt it or better yet, the alloy itself, an extremely valued and common trade good for numerous Qadir populations across Aloria. This supply has rarely been interrupted, and thus Qadir mechanisms continue to be built, and innovation goes unstifled for this Race.



Brass is an alloy of Copper and zinc together, and has several appearances based on the content of those metals, in addition to sometimes also possessing lead. Pure Brass has a bright shine to it, with a golden color, though it is only dimly reflective and possesses a higher amount of Copper in it. It can work at either hot or “cold” temperatures (cold referring to bending, carving and etc. that occurs when the metal is no longer warm). Bright Brass is the shiniest and least golden of the Brass types and can only be worked and shaped when it is hot. Once it sets, it is very durable and is often used in making casts. Leaded Brass is a type of Brass invented by Regalians with an extremely low lead addition to the alloy that possesses extreme malleability but is also the dullest in appearance. Leaded Brass was often used in old city piping, especially in the City of Regalia and in the piping that led from the great aqueduct’s central water station that supplies the city water to this day. The substance has gradually been replaced with other materials over time though, and steadily falls out of fashion.

General Uses

Brass has a wide range of applications. It can be used in decorative pieces such as statuettes and artistic embellishments; it can be used in the creation of horn instruments like trumpets, and it can be used in functional objects like piping or cookware. By far the most common use of Brass, however, is in Qadir Clockwork, as the metal often makes up well over 70% of an individual creation’s parts from struts to casings to gears.


Brass has the ability to conduct electricity, though this is limited by the type and quality of the Brass used, with Pure Brass the most capable of doing so and Lead Brass the least capable. It has no further abilities.


  • A scholar published a treasy in 299 AC, blaming lead poisoning in the Brass pipes of the City of Regalia for all the negative events of the Regalian Pessimism, primarily focusing on how it likely poisoned the bodies and minds of the Regalian leadership for over a century. He was severely punished for such an absurd and insulting insinuation against Houses Kade and Ivrae.
  • Qadir Clockwork’s second most used metal next to Brass is Copper, which is used to plate and decorate devices.

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