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Official Name Modul
Common Nicknames Earth's Bone
Category Farad Family Metallurgy
Origin Farahdeen
Uses Utility, Decorative
Rarity Uncommon
Accessibility All Classes

Modul is a heavy substance and highly durable, yet one largely rejected by the wider world of Aloria for a few key reasons. Originating in Farahdeen, the substance has the unearthly quality of looking like actual bone upon being forged, shifting, and morphing despite the efforts of heat and molds into the vague appearance of unfleshed limbs, joints, and more. The substance also makes an eerie sound, producing a tone like howling wind when moved through the air. While heavily used by those loyal to Ordial power, the Kathar have also taken a great interest in the material, much to the growing rejection of the Songaskia.


Modul is a material that emerged only after the Great Storm ravaged Farahdeen. Whether it was known to the Qadir previously is not recorded, but the ore was ultimately one of those densest in the mountains that now reside with the Songaskian Masaya. Its unique properties at first startled even the Songaskians, with tales telling of the first blacksmith who made use of the substance throwing away the final product in despair at its apparent warped nature. Her apprentice, however, lacked the superstitious belief that the material was somehow the altered bones of the desert’s dead, and spread knowledge of Modul. By 170 AC, the material was known to outsiders, which soon caused trouble when Kathar arrived in the southernmost Pearl City. Traders from the Dread Empire, they sought out the city in order to acquire Modul for themselves, given the Dread Empire’s cultural focus which made the substance perfect for them.

This began a trade deal that lasted a century, interrupted once the Songaskian Masaya became more aware of the Kathar’s nature and their activities within Songaskian territory. While a number came and existed peacefully, others sought to foster the worship of the Void or other similar cults. This the Songaskians could not allow, and they, at last, barred the Dread Empire from trading within the Pearl Cities in 275 AC. However, trickles of the material still reach the Dread Empire to this day from smugglers and far more amoral mercantile interests both of Songaskian origin and not. As for wider Aloria, Modul’s strange final form has largely seen it rejected aside from those intrigued by the macabre, or themselves worshipers of various cults and faiths preaching the significance of death and bones. Within the Songaskian lands, the material is often used in decoration and weaponry by those followers of Ordial beings, and this is also repeated out in the wider world of Aloria to this day.



Modul appears in dense, highly horizontal deposits. The natural ore has a very porous texture and a strange blend of colors: a mix of greys, whites, and blacks almost like a form of stone, layered on top of one another and waved in their patterning. The center of the ore, however, is dominated by off-whites, which is also the color that comes to the forefront upon being forged. The material has the extremely dubious appearance of bone, possessing the same near-white color scheme, but it also naturally shifts and warps when being made to have a bone-like appearance. Even when attempted to be formed into ingots or molds, the material resists and instead forms bone-like structures similar in general size and shape to what was wanted.

General Uses

Modul has many decorative uses. Its strange appearance is a macabre fashion statement enjoyed by eccentrics or those among the world’s Races truly devoted to the power of Bintaar. There are also decorative objects such as lamps made using Modul. The substance can also be made into weapons, which are often disturbing things, both looking like bone and sounding horrific when wielded. Armor and tools forged from the metal are far less common yet do appear in certain areas, often incorporated as pieces of pseudo-bone onto more traditional armor or objects.


Modul, as previously mentioned, has the peculiar ability to warp into bone-like structures when it has been forged. However, its other ability is by far more ghastly as, like Omnaleya and even other Farahdeen-native metal Umbooru, the material makes a sound when moved through the air. This noise is that of howling wind and, while it may only exist as a whisper in stationary objects or worn jewelry, it is far more noticeable when there is a wind blowing in the air, but also in weaponry, as swords and other weapons let out their wail as they are moved around.


  • There exist in some areas of Aloria, crude and racist imagery of Songaskians decked in bones and skulls, wearing little in the way of real clothing, said to show the “true, uncivilized nature” of this Race. In truth, such images take examples of Modul jewelry, and Songaskian lower class or rural society, and corrupt it to suit the message of groups like the Wirtem.
  • The Dread War saw a number of Kathar decked in Modul-enhanced armor ride into battle, howling wind following them as they went, added a highly etheric effect to their presence.
  • Following the Dread War, the Songaskian Masaya started to crack down on smugglers and merchants operating within their waters that have been supplying the Kathar with Modul.

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