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Official Name Khazalitra
Common Nicknames Blue-Steel
Category Ellad Family Metallurgy
Origin Aloria
Uses Various
Rarity Uncommon
Accessibility Middle and Upper Classes

Khazalitra is an uncommon element in Aloria, only acquirable at a steep cost, but often with great rewards to those who seek it out. Denser, stronger, and more durable than Steel, this material is hard to work with, and only the Dwarves seem to know how to shape it. The material has a gleaming pattern, a blend of Silver and azure blue, making it as aesthetic as it is useful to combatants capable of handling its weight and heft.


Khazalitra is a relatively recent material cracked open by the Dwarves, discovered sometime around 300 BC in the routine mining of Ellador. Soon after, the substance was also discovered in areas of Corontium and Westwynd, but it was deemed unworkable. However, in Ellador, the Dwarves did manage to learn how to work the substance, and rapidly made use of it to empower their greatest nobles and warriors. When the Dakkar emerged, Khazalitra-wearing warriors were some of the most effective combatants against them, trained to wield their heavy armor and weaponry, able to go blow to blow with the hardy and naturally armored Dakkar. However, the material was too rare among the Dwarves to outfit all of their warriors, and so ultimately, the Dwarves were forced to retreat, and the Dwarven Empire came to an end. Still, after the departure of the Dwarves from Ellador, great Ailor, Eronidas and other warriors across the Races sought out their services in being able to shape and form resilient armor and weaponry. Today, this remains the material’s only viable use, as it possesses too great a weight for jewelry and too many benefits to experienced combatants.



Khazalitra is a blue-tinged and jagged ore when extracted from the earth. Refined, the material appears far more similar to Silver, though it has a crack-style pattern along its surface of a fine azure blue, essentially marbling the material.

General Uses

Given that it is heavier, stronger and more durable than Steel, Khazalitra has been sought out by a variety of warriors across several Races for use in weapons and armor of all sorts. However, only those of great physical build are capable of wielding the material at its full effectiveness once it has been formed into a wearable or brandished piece for the field of battle. The metal itself is not as rare as it was during the Dwarven fall, but despite that, they alone retain the secrets on how to forge it.


  • For a brief time, Khazalitra was tied into anti-magical properties and the defeat of great and evil mages by powerful warriors. However, such rumors have rapidly fizzled out over the past decade within the Regalian Empire.

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