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Official Name Silver
Common Nicknames Grey Gold
Origin Aloria
Uses Decorative, Alchemy
Rarity Rare
Accessibility Middle and Upper Classes

Silver is a rare material found in scattered smaller deposits across Aloria. The material is the physical base for Regalia's coinage, making it highly valuable in addition to its uses as a decorative metal. While there was a crash in the price of Silver several decades ago that significant disrupted the world's economy, it has since largely recovered. Today, many eagerly seek Silver to help fuel their fortunes while others remain more cautious, as the economic downturn from old childhoods is still fresh in mind.


Silver has been a mineral highly sought after by various nations for centuries. The Allorn Empire hunted for Silver as much as it did Gold, ultimately expending the large veins once found in Altaleï. The lack of raw Silver might have even been a driving force in their rumored attempts to colonize Eastwynd, as the landmass was found to contain large quantities of Silver. In later centuries, following the decline of the Allorn Empire, Silver became a scarce and highly valued commodity. Certain groups, like the Velheim, greatly treasured it, but most preferred Gold. This remained the case well after the Cataclysm, but changed when the Regalian Empire standardized their coinage. While Silver still served a decorative function, it was also now the basis of the Regal, with Silver and other "lesser metals" being covered in a thin layer of Gold to create the currency. By 220 AC, the Regalian Empire had expanded itself to conquer many known mines of Silver, but a crash in the price of the material led to woe during the Regalian Pessimism. Most economic markets struggled until 300 AC, when the price finally recovered, and has remained firm despite significant conflicts and disruptions across the world.



Silver is a bright grey metal that gleams even when unrefined and further shines when properly processed. It appears in pockets and veins alongside other materials but rarely appears in large veins, save in a few places across the world.

General Uses

Silver serves a variety of purposes, from decorative to alchemical. It is used as a second rank jewelry material as it is gorgeous when paired with gems such as Sapphire, Solacrox, and Diamond. It most often appears in necklaces and earrings. Silver is also used to decorate various weapons of the Regalian nobility through plating and intricate carving. In Alchemy, Silver flakes are used in a smattering of expensive but useful concoctions.


  • Some Silver coinage is still out floating in economies of a few minor nations. As it does not have the same value as the Regal, some people instead seek to collect the coinage as memorabilia of the past.
  • Zenith Silver is a unique form of Silver said to have been created by a Fornoss god, perhaps in an alloy with some other material. It has been seen used in some of the oldest and most revered objects of the Velheim world, such as the Artifact Ándlar.

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