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Official Name Tin
Common Nicknames Fool’s Silver, Poor Man’s Silver
Category Bronze Family Metallurgy
Origin Aloria
Uses Various
Rarity Common
Accessibility All Classes

Tin is a simple metal found in deposits all over Aloria, with large deposits recently discovered on Fendarfelle. Tin is commonly combined with Copper to produce Bronze, a popular metal for casting. The most common use of Tin, however, is in cheap tableware and other domestic items, as the metal is both abundant and easily worked. It is unlikely Tin supplies will run out in the near future, and it will remain a simple part of the Alorian world.


Tin, along with Copper, has been known for centuries by all civilizations of Aloria. A common metal easily pulled from the earth, various Cultures and groups learned of its properties over time. However, due to its malleability, it was seldom used for weapons or tools, instead being mostly found either in domestic items or being used to make Bronze in a mixture with Copper. Eventually, with the rise of poverty after the Cataclysm, Tin found a new use as the metal of choice for a host of purposes, its abundance making it a cheaper alternative to sturdier metals such as Iron for many household goods like plates and cutlery. This has kept it a commonly available, if not particularly notable, metal in Aloria for decades and it will remain so for the foreseeable future. In fact, in just the past decade, particularly large Tin deposits have been found in Fendarfelle, helping jump-start the economy of the region following the Bone Horror Crisis.



Tin is a shiny, jagged, grey and vaguely crystalline mineral in its natural state. Once refined however, the metal takes on a darker coloration. It can be polished to a shine with a considerable effort which has led to its use in cheap (and often tacky) jewelery.

General Uses

Tin has an abundance of uses. The most notable of these is being alloyed with Copper to create Bronze, which is resilient enough to be used in numerous applications that neither of its constituent materials can perform. Beyond this, it is frequently used as a material for a whole host of cheap items such as cutlery, simple pots and pans, and child’s armor sets, though these are generally quite easily damaged and even broken.


  • Tin is often found near mercury deposits. Common folklore holds that the two elements were once one, but after an argument, now cannot stand each other and have been slowly moving apart ever since.
  • Tin is notoriously easy to dent and even break, resulting in anything made from it needing frequent replacement. As a result, some people prefer more expensive items made from Bronze or Iron, even when money is tight.

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