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Official Name Diamond
Common Nicknames Moon Tears, Gelengalaci
Origin Aloria
Uses Decoration
Rarity Rare
Accessibility Upper Class

Exquisite in appearance and owned by only the richest of nobles, Diamonds are transparent gemstones of various colors that commonly reflect light due to their intricate cuts. While the gem can technically be found all over Aloria, it is rare. Because of the gem’s rarity and beauty, it has been used to make jewelry since the earliest years of the Allorn Empire. Today, the Ithanians are the most fanatical about the use of the gemstones but many upper-class citizens of Aloria are deeply interested in it as well.


Diamonds have long been a rare and highly sought after decorative material since the earliest years of the Allorn Empire. Found in the heartland of their territory, Diamond mines were some of the first industrial sites to peel back and require the chopping down of the region’s jungles. Later, Diamonds were also found in Sileria, and some Suvial nobles built their wealth on the bounty of these mines. Meanwhile, in wider Aloria, few other groups came into contact with Diamonds due to the rarity of the material. The sole ones to encounter them in large numbers were the Dwarves, but their society largely turned away from the material due to its “excessively delicate” nature, but also because they mined the known veins in Ellador dry within the span of a few decades. Everything changed with the Cataclysm though, because as the Allorn fell and their former mines were consumed by jungle, the Ailor rose in their place. Ithanians rapidly took over their former masters’ obsession with the material, while the Regalian Empire soon found sources of Diamond in newly conquered territory. However, these sources rapidly went dry and over the coming century and a half, the nobles of the Regalian Empire eagerly sought out the gemstones.

Meanwhile, in Hadar, the Allar uncovered Diamonds in several regional mountains, while in Farahdeen the Songaskia happened upon new veins of the material that were uncovered thanks to the landform changes of the Great Storm. As a result, Diamonds trickled into the Regalian Empire through trade, but then the Ithanian Gem Boom came. New veins of Diamonds were uncovered in the Regalian Archipelago by Ithanians, which only served to fuel Ithanian love for the material. Today, Diamonds remain rare but still trickle through and around the borders of the Regalian Empire due to the love the upper class of society has kept for them. The sources of the material are often minor and delicately handled, but as history has shown, will likely ebb and flow as it always has.



Diamonds are a fine gemstone, comparable in terms of appearance to glass due to their varying levels of clarity. Most Diamonds are tinted blue, however, those of “lesser” quality are often tinted red, yellow and brown thanks to other nearby minerals. However, all of them can be cut into a variety of shapes, with the art of Diamond cutting being a mark of honor for any skilled artisan.

General Uses

Diamonds have a single purpose: decoration. They are almost exclusively used in jewelry given the impracticality of implementing Diamonds into furniture or wieldy objects. Additionally, the Teledden were the ones to set the standard of wearing Diamonds, which has since been aggressively propagated by the Ithanians who are considered masters in the design of jewelry. Diamond brooches, circlets, coronets, necklaces rings and more exist across Aloria, and are often the prized possessions of those who own them.


  • There are said to be Diamond mines operating on the Suvial lands which are over 12,000 years old.
  • The most well-known Diamond in Aloria, the Midnight Diamond, is also said to be the most cursed. Formerly from a Teledden jewelry set, it fell into Ithanian hands around 30 AC before being taken into the Kade Vault in 280 AC. It is believed to be cursed due to how its supposed owners constantly die under suspicious circumstances. It is believed that the Diamond was cursed by an ancient Teledden Archmage, but to date, there have been no further incidents involving the material.

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