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Official Name Coal
Common Nicknames Fuel
Origin All over Aloria
Uses Cosmetics, Burning, Industrial
Rarity Common
Accessibility Commoner

Coal is said to be the mineral that makes Aloria go round, powering every bit of Regalian technology, from furnaces to even the large steam machines that the Qadir produce. Perhaps one of the most common materials around the world, thousands of pounds of coal are mined and transported every day by all races of Aloria. Often found in the upper levels of Aloria’s crust, all the Empires that dominate Aloria have found it useful, whether it be for burning in a furnace or powering their machines.


As long as civilization has existed, so has coal. Even the Seraph, the magically advanced precursors of Aloria’s present-day races were said to have used coal as a source of heat and light. Where there is history, there is coal. Over time, the mining of coal increased dramatically as the scales of wars and populations of various races exploded with the inventions of more efficient farming, and so on. Regalia mines the most coal in Aloria, totalling just over half of the total coal mined in Aloria, the other fifty percent being split between the Songaskia and the Ch’ien-Ji.



Coal is instantly recognisable, taking the form of a black rock that leaves black dust on whatever it touches. This dust is flammable, though it goes completely unused.. It can be as large as a palm but is generally the size of a throwable rock. The rock is light, and porous.

General Uses

Coal is used to create heat and power fires in Alorian homes. It is cheap and easy to obtain, thus being able to be afforded by even the poorest of households to keep warm during the winter months. Occasionally coal is also used as a cheap person’s ‘make-up’, serving the purpose of eye-shadow for those that cannot afford the real thing. This is a common practice during commoner weddings and funerals, where one has to appear fancier than they actually are.


It has no natural abilities.


  • Coal is said to be worshiped by some Regalian Shenath cult, though most people think these claims are unsubstantiated.

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