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Official Name Coal
Common Nicknames Black Rock
Origin Aloria
Uses Utility
Rarity Common
Accessibility All Classes

Coal is a fundamental and widespread material, located across all of Aloria and even beyond, serving all groups who have come into contact with it. It cannot be carved or made to decorate one’s self properly, but what it does do, is burn. Coal burns when put into a fire and serves as an alternative, better fuel source to wood in various locations across the world. It is also abundant beyond anyone’s wildest dreams and is very unlikely to ever run out.


Coal has been found, lost, and rediscovered by countless groups over the millennia. For the Elves, it was a substance that helped their early society stay warm for longer in their crude city states but, by the apex of arrogance in the Allorn Empire, it was only seen as a crude source of fuel for slaves to use or for transport at the behest of their masters. In Jadeheart, Coal was and still is used by all Sihai as a fuel source. It exists in such vast amounts that the majority of the population uses it to help them cook, forge, and warm themselves. Then there are the Ailor. The Ailor have used Coal for centuries, first back on Ceardia, later using it at the behest of Allorn masters in the west and ultimately, Coal mining occurred for the first time in Corontium sometime around 450 BC. Today, the Ailor use Coal to fuel their steam powered machines which dominate the Regalian Empire's industry, but it is also used by a variety of people for tasks and jobs like smithing. It is not as vastly common as in The Far East, and so many still use wood to make fires, but many urban centers possess large yards of this substance to help feed those fires of the individuals who can afford to buy the simple, but effective, material.



Coal is a coarse, dark-colored substance ranging from black to dark grey. Its consistency varies enormously, some pieces being more “glossy” and less coarse while others are sharp and jagged. The substance cannot be refined and is burned raw.

General Uses

Coal is burned as a fuel source by many thousands of people, each and every day across the world. The fires it creates heat homes through fireplaces, heat blacksmith forges, heat water to the point of creating steam and making Steam Power possible and much more. It can be used to write or can be crushed into a crude pigment, but such uses are only used in very unrefined societies like the tribal Urlan.


  • The most famed region for Coal production in the Regalian Archipelago was the Lordship of Vultaro. Its utter collapse, and the mass destruction of its Coal industry over the past few years has forced the Regalian Empire and the Imperial Navy to look elsewhere for the vast supplies they need, much to the benefit of other regions.
  • Coal tends to stain all it comes into contact with and the miners who engage in its extraction can turn as gray as a Kathar after as little as one day in the mines.

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