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Official Name Ruby
Common Nicknames Red Sapphire, Fire Gem
Origin Various
Uses Decoration
Rarity Rare
Accessibility Upper Class

Rubies are rare gemstones largely mined in two opposite areas of Aloria, Farahdeen and Sileria, by two different parties. While the Kathar of the Dread Empire keep Rubies within their economic system, never trading them directly with outside forces, the Songaskia of Farahdeen are not as thrifty with the gemstone. The vast majority of Ruby available to wider Aloria thus comes from Farahdeen. The material is mainly used for jewelry, from which many valuable and creative pieces have emerged for the upper classes to decorate themselves with.


Rubies are a mineral long known to Aloria and have been prominent at several points throughout its history. In ancient times, the Allorn Empire sought the gemstone out along with other valuable materials to help adorn their aristocratic populace. Unfortunately, by the middle period of the Allorn Empire, most Ruby veins in Altaleï and Westwynd had been mined dry. This issue seemed to be resolved soon after when Rubies began to flow from the Suvial of Sileria. Unfortunately, as time went on, Rubies remained rare due to the fragmentation of Allorn provinces, but also because those who worshiped the Void often hoarded the material to decorate themselves and their creations. These practices have remained largely intact since the Cataclysm and the Dread Empire formed from the conquered reaches of southern Sileria continue to possess and hoard vast quantities of Ruby, largely for use in jewelry for their better-off citizens.

On the opposite spectrum to this is the experience of Rubies in Farahdeen. At the height of the Sariyd Empire, they were commonly worn by the aristocracy and leadership of the various cities that made up the Empire. This association with royalty and leadership made the gems heavily sought after by the Songaskian leadership in the wake of the Great Storm. Qadir jewelry featuring Rubies was taken by the conquerors for their adornment as the Ruby mines of the Sariyd Empire had almost all been buried under mountains of sand. Today, however, new mines have been opened while a few of the old ones have been rediscovered and restored to operation as well. The Songaskian Masaya monopolizes the trade of Rubies because of this fact and because the Kathar do not interact with the outside world in any capacity conducive to acquiring materials like Rubies from them. The recent cessation of hostilities with the Songaskia has allowed a greater stream of Rubies to come into the Regalian Empire, while other smaller veins located elsewhere in Aloria have also begun bearing fruit. The Ruby is thus a rewarding gemstone for any trader to acquire them, and certainly a fine piece in any personal collection.



Rubies are colorful gemstones, ranging in color from bright red to pink shades, with purple being one of the rarest varieties. The mineral requires cutting to shine or reflect light well but will always be somewhat opaque inside. The shapes they are cut into are often ovular, but sharper shapes like squares and diamonds, particularly in Kathar jewelry, are also a welcome variety.

General Uses

Rubies only serve a decorative purpose, and even then it is only commonly used in jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, and rings. The gemstone is most commonly paired with precious metals like Gold or Silver.


  • Most Kathar who seek a new life away from Sileria sell what Ruby jewelry they have to gain funds for their activities once they reach landfall in their target area.

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