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Official Name Ruby
Common Nicknames Blood Gem
Origin Farah’deen
Uses Currency, Decorative
Rarity Rare
Accessibility Nobility

The Ruby was formerly one of the most used decorative gemstones in the Sariyd Empire, the King is said to have a golden crown adorned with Rubies to symbolize the wealth of not only himself, but his nation. Following the Great Storm, and decline of the Qadir’s empire, the Ruby fell out in popularity. The new Songaskian regime continued to mine it, but it seemed to become rarer and rarer as time went on, eventually becoming a symbol of wealth in Songaskian culture. The Qadir that remain free of Songaskian control in Al-Alus and Mooriye have had more luck, and even use the Ruby as a form of currency in some cases due to their remote location and lack of gold and silver deposits.


The history of the Ruby is unclear, though it is thought that the Sariyd Empire was the original discoverer of the gemstone, despite no record clearly indicating so. Those that traded with the Sariyd Empire have records of the Ruby being transferred between merchants and nobility of the nations but rarely was the gemstone traded outside of the Sariyd Empire. Following the fall of the Qadir and during the rise of the Songaskia, the Qadir that fled their home continent brought with them the gemstone that had been almost exclusively traded between Qadir until that point. The Elves and the Regalian Empire now had access to a limited supply of the decorative gem, and paid a high price for it. With the supply of Rubies now controlled by the Songaskia, it was likely the only way Rubies would exit Farah’deen were with the Qadir.

In recent times, the Songaskia have begun to extravagantly trade the gem during times of war in order to fund their war efforts, but the rarity of the Ruby outside of the Ashanti and Hassal Songaskia’s circles remains intact. This gem is highly sought after by Regalian nobility as it shows their absolute wealth in comparison to the lesser nobles of the regions.



The Ruby is exclusively red in coloration. There are more common blue gems of a similar structure known as Sapphires, and by contrast their relative abundance have created a distinction that Rubies are rarer and thus held by the more affluent in comparison to Sapphires. Impurities are common in Rubies and lower the value of the gem dramatically if they are spotted, though merchants that know the difference between a pure and impure gem are few and far between. They generally tend to be Qadir, as they are the only race that detect impurities without using a special tool.

General Uses

Rubies are exclusively used for decoration, whether it be in furniture, jewelry or even on clothing. It is most commonly found on the jewelry of the affluent and in furniture found in the castles of the Regalian Emperor and the Songaskian Massya, as those are the only people with enough access to have such pieces built.


Rubies do not have any secondary effects, though it is rumored that the Qadir are up to something involving this gem.


  • The crown of the last king of the Sariyd Empire is highly sought after, thought to have been buried in the sands during the Qadir’s struggle against the Songaskia.
  • Fake Rubies are commonly sold, with merchants attempting to sell off Topaz as Rubies in order to suck more regals out of any person ignorant enough to believe them.
  • The Ruby is often associated with the god Sham within the wealthier temples in the Masaya, commonly having one of the gemstones on the altars or statues within the building.

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