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Official Name Dhobrøk-Khor
Common Nicknames Earthwood, Grove Iron
Category Ellad Family Metallurgy
Origin Aloria
Uses Various
Rarity Common
Accessibility All Classes

Dhobrøk-Khor is a metal with a wood-like coloration known to Aloria for centuries, whose secrets have only been unlocked by the Dwarves. Discovering it during the Dragon Wars, those great conflicts fought between the Dwarves and the Dregodar, the heavier-than-Steel substance eventually traveled back to lands further south in small amounts. It has since become far more common to access due to the dispersal of the Dwarven people across the world. When wielded in a weapon, one must be physically strong given the dense metal's great weight.


Dhobrøk-Khor was uncovered by the Dwarves sometime during the Dragon Wars, wherein they were engaged in against the future Isldar. It is likely that during their excavations and digging to assault the strongholds of these Elves, they uncovered it, but the specifics are unknown. Its pale coloration made it immediately unique to the Dwarves and their brief Teledden allies of convenience. Trade brought the material back to the Allorn Empire, but shortly afterward, the Allorn departed and left the Dwarves to do their work. Back in the Allorn Empire, the material was shaped into beautiful objects, its beige, wood-like coloration often seeing ornate, metal-wrought trees being formed from the metal. But over time, and following the Cataclysm, such wonders were either lost or torn apart, leaving very little of the material in the wider world. It was only after the conflicts with the Dakkar, and the fleeing of the Dwarven people to the surface, that Dhobrøk-Khor again flowed from the ports of Ellador. As it stands, the material is common across Northbelt and Ellador as a whole, with Dwarves said to be the most skilled in working it (despite other Races learning how to in recent decades). For this reason, Dwarven skills are valued, both in the creation of unique decorative items and heavy weapons, given the material’s heft and unique colorations.



Dhobrøk-Khor ore often forms in long, running interlaced strands through common rock or other common materials. It has a dirty-beige to dirty-brown coloration, which rapidly clarifies when refined. The wood-like beiges it produces are interlaced with small, random lines of vibrant red that create various patterns, often appearing like cracks, in the material.

General Uses

Dhobrøk-Khor is most commonly used in heavy weapons and requires a good physical build to wield properly given that it is heavier than Steel and can pack quite a blow when needed. However, the material can also be formed into decorative items, usually artistic pieces but some pendant jewelry has also been made with the substance.


  • Dhobrøk-Khor must be carefully used in artistic works, as due to its weight, extended pieces of the material may sag or droop over time without proper support.
  • Dhobrøk-Khor is also sometimes used in handles, to provide the appearance of wood but with the sturdiness of metal.

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