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Official Name Amethyst
Common Nicknames Drink-away Stone
Origin Aloria
Uses Decoration
Rarity Uncommon
Accessibility All Classes

Amethysts can be found far and wide, yet are often more abundant in areas with earthquakes and volcanoes like Daen or Fendarfelle. Located near the surface, Amethysts are semi-translucent and consist of whiter colors near the base of the stone, spiking up into dark purple to lilac spires. They are commonly used in inexpensive jewelry though the recent rise in Regal Culture has meant a more significant interest from the upper class in the stone, thus raising its profile and creating new, more expensive jewelry that makes use of it. Also, some superstitious Ailor believe the stone may stave off the spiritual craving for alcohol and drive off drunkenness though this is only an urban legend. While recent world events have put a dent in Amethyst production, it is likely the supply of this mineral will rise again in the future.


Amethysts have been a common material located across Aloria known to exist since the Cataclysm though some feel they were present before that. In the aftermath of Daen’s shifted landscape caused by the Cataclysm, Altalar survivors, their slaves and those minor nations of escaped slaves got to work rebuilding. In this effort, they uncovered the first Amethysts and the world had a new decorative commodity. Over the following two centuries, more sources for the mineral were discovered, primarily in Fendarfelle, Kelmoria and areas of Daen. In recent years, however, Amethysts have decreased in stock. First, Kelmoria was consumed in a volcanic eruption, and then the lands that are now L'Elvellen were plunged into a war with Regalia that shook that region’s economy and infrastructure. Finally, the Bone Horror Crisis hit Fendarfelle, killing 70% of its population and infesting the land with new dangers both on the surface and in now abandoned mines. This has resulted in the normally cheap material raising in price, coinciding with the continued rise of Regal Culture and Imperial power in Aloria, making the purple stone sought after to help Ailor and other Races reflect their allegiance to the purple robes and flags of the Regalian Empire.



Amethyst is a crystal that forms in large chunks underground in clusters of hexagonal prisms often near deposits of Quartz. They are white to pale purple at their base though darken in coloration near their pointed tops. They are also semi-translucent.

General Uses

Amethysts have only one use, and that is as decoration in the form of jewelry. Wealthy middle and lower class citizens were once the only interested party but with the rise in demand and the rise in prices, more expensive pieces can be commissioned from jewelry makers for the upper class. It has also recently been incorporated into small art pieces.


Amethyst has no inherent abilities. The belief that it can stave off the spiritual craving for alcohol and drive off drunkenness is pure myth, perpetuated in frontier regions like Fendarfelle.


  • The idea that Amethysts existed before the Cataclysm is based on the fact that Quartz existed before the Cataclysm and since the purple Amethyst is another form of Quartz, some believe it was misidentified as Quartz until after the Cataclysm.
  • Amethysts are rarely worn by Sihndar, who are taught to avoid purple crystals and minerals.

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