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Official Name Amethyst
Common Nicknames Drink-away Stone
Origin Aloria
Uses Decoration
Rarity Uncommon
Accessibility All Classes

Amethysts can be found far and wide, yet are often more abundant in areas with earthquakes and volcanoes like Fendarfelle. Located near the surface, Amethysts are semi-translucent and consist of whiter colors near the base of the stone, spiking up into dark purple to lilac spires. They are commonly used in inexpensive jewelry, though the recent rise in Regal Culture has meant a more significant interest from the upper class in the stone, raising its profile and creating new, more expensive jewelry that makes use of it. Some superstitious Ailor believe the stone may stave off the spiritual craving for alcohol and drive off drunkenness, though this is only an urban legend. While recent world events have put a dent in Amethyst production, the supply of this mineral will likely rise again in the future.


Amethysts have been a common material located across Aloria for millennia. A primary material used by the Meraic in their advanced technology, the substance was largely sidelined under the Allorn Empire. However, tribal peoples such as the Ailor came to value Amethysts given their rarity, often being located in dangerous areas. However, it was the Cataclysm that was the real boon to the crystal. After the huge shifting of landmasses and general instability brought about by the Cataclysm, many groups across Aloria came across Amethysts with greater frequency. Southwynd, Fendarfelle, and elsewhere were rich in them, but with this newfound spread came a degree of commonality. Any luxury value they might have once had for nobles, often Ailor nobles, dwindled over the decades. It was also when the tall tales began to be spun about the supposed qualities of Amethysts, but also when the Maraya of Aloria’s surface prospered the most, given they had easy access to cheap material for their technology. However, in the past century and especially in recent decades, Amethysts have grown rarer. The Chrysant War disrupted regional mining in Hadar, while the later Bone Horror Crisis did the same in Fendarfelle over a decade later. The growth of the Maraya also means their use of the material has increased with time, but this has ultimately benefited traders of the material. While a bit pricey to acquire, it can still be found being worn or used by all sorts of people across Aloria to this day.



Amethyst is a crystal that forms in large chunks underground in clusters of hexagonal prisms often near deposits of Quartz. They are white to pale purple at their base though darken in coloration near their pointed tops. They are also semi-translucent.

General Uses

Amethysts have two main uses, both substantially different from each other. The first is as decoration in the form of jewelry, and it exists in all different forms, from earrings to pendants to broaches and more. The other use is in Maraya Crystaltech, from pieces as varied as prosthetic hands to automatic serving machines to clothing washing aids. Other uses involve decorative pieces, being made into small pieces of artwork mostly, as well as being ground down for use in dyes and alchemical creations.


Amethyst has no inherent abilities. The belief that it can stave off the craving for alcohol and drive off drunkenness is a pure myth, perpetuated in frontier regions like Fendarfelle.


  • Amethysts have grown in popularity among the jewelry options worn by the Draconist faithful.

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