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Official Name Jade
Common Nicknames Ch’ien-jyte, Green Topaz
Origin Yang-Tzu Isles
Uses Decorative, Religious, Monetary
Rarity Rare
Accessibility Upper Class, Ch’ien-Ji

Jade is green gemstone with a rough, glossy texture that retains only a mild shine when sanded down and treated. It can only be mined in Yang-Tzu but is not especially precious to wider Aloria. To the Ch’ien-Ji however, it is an essential aspect of their culture as a key decorative item used in their homes, temples and on their person. They are also used in the regional currency of the Isles. Today, Dragon worshippers from this race often carry a carved Jade totem of the creature with them. Even in Regalia and other regions bearing different culture, the uses of Jade, which the Ch'ien-Ji call Ch’ien-jyte, ranges within the carving of jewelry and other decorative objects.


Jade has been known to the Ch’ien-Ji for centuries, but was only recently introduced to the rest of Aloria through trade and the evolution of the Chi’Di-chuo culture in the Regalian Empire. The mineral had long been part of Ch’ien-Ji culture, going back to their arrival on the Yang-Tzu Isles. Their mythology claims the earth manifested a form of mineral moss and vines through the rocks of their home island as a welcome to newcomers. Ever since then, the green gemstone has been mined by the Ch’ien-Ji with ease as it is plentiful across the archipelago and has been used in jewelry, art, and currency. They also named the great barrier that protects them from the Huon-ji after the mineral, most likely in reference to the Jade-coated Loong Dragon temples, though some believe the barrier was once green. In recent years, as the Yang-Tzu Isles has grown more connected to the outside world, Jade has appeared in many Chi-Towns and is often worn by those who live there, the Chi’Di-chuo Ch’ien-Ji. In addition to this, further exposure is seen in certain members of the upper class, particularly from Ithania, who have sought the gemstone as well as the art that is made with it.



Jade is an almost translucent gem with colors ranging from pale mint to a mossy green. In its natural state, it looks like a dirty-green stone that appears in large veins. Once it is refined, the gem has a waving pattern of lighter and darker greens throughout. It also possesses a rough, oily texture that retains only a mild shine once it is treated.

General Uses

Jade has several uses despite being limited to the Ch’ien-Ji and wealthy upper class. They are primarily used decoratively in Loong Dragon temples on the Yang-Tzu Isles where they are often entire panels for the walls, tiling the floor or features of the roof itself. The gemstone is used to make art, as carved statuettes of dragons and local wildlife are popular among Ch’ien-Ji artists. The mineral can be used to make jewelry as, like many gemstones, it can be cut and crafted into earrings, necklaces, brooches and other items. It is most commonly paired with Silver. The final use for Jade is in the currency of Yang-Tzu, which is made up of carved jade tablets that hold information only meaningful to the Ch’ien-Ji found there. In the rest of Aloria, they are almost useless save to eccentric collectors.


Jade has no inherent properties, it is capable of a slight shine once cut, but this requires a concerted effort.


  • Some Ch’ien-Ji believe that Jade aids in the Ritual of Cleansing, as it is often performed in the temples. For added “potency”, some secure Jade talismans around the subject before they are purified.
  • The largest Chi-Town in Regalia, Haibo, possessing a large Loong Dragon sculpture brought with the original settlers from Yang-Tzu. Time has worn the dragon down so much that some now call it “The Worm Fountain” as its scales are gone and major features have worn almost smooth.

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