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Official Name Omnaleya
Common Nicknames Earth's Song/Wail
Category Ellad Family Metallurgy
Origin Aloria
Uses Utility, Weaponry
Rarity Common
Accessibility All Classes

Omnaleya is a light, red-colored material, with brown lines running throughout it. While not particularly strong or used in any significant military capacity, the material is far more common in the leisure and entertainment areas of Aloria due to its ability to create a low-pitched buzzing tone when it is moved through the air. For this reason, it is frequently used in musical activities, as well as casually in fencing sabers or one-off unique weapons for use by eccentric swordsmen.


Omnaleya was first discovered centuries before the Cataclysm by Dwarves, however, it took them until 500 BC to construct a proper method to forge the material. Early efforts had been marred by superstition, which claimed the metal’s noise in the air was the pulse of the earth itself, and that it should not be disturbed. However, later efforts were driven by the growing pride of the Dwarves, and the material was one of the first to be exported outside of Ellador to Ailor and Elves, who took note of its strange properties. It is said a number of Elven smiths, Void, Exist, and neutral-leaning parties, approached Dwarves to learn the secret of how to forge the material, but only two men knew the skill, and neither would share it with outsiders. In the brief time the material had been formed, it had rapidly grown to serve a valued ritual purpose within Dwarven Holds, where Omnal Sticks were used in performances to honor the Dragons. As a result, it was seen as heresy to give it away to outsiders. However, when the Dwarves eventually faltered and their state collapsed to the chaos of the Dakkar, the abandonment of their old faith led to them largely abandoning the metal. Still, the old tradition of using Omnal Sticks and engaging in Omnal Dancing to connect to the hum of the earth was eventually revived. Ailor of the Regalian Empire have also found a use for Omnaleya; the substance’s color and nature making swords of this material highly sought after by eccentrics and, today, Dwarves seeking to ply their trade and survive out in the world have continued to forge and use Omnaleya as need be.



Omnaleya often appears close to coastlines and has a reddish-brown coloration to the raw ore. Once refined, the substance is a deep, burgundy shade of red with darker brown cracks running through it in a random, natural pattern.

General Uses

Omnaleya is most commonly used in the creation of Omnal Sticks: metal rods designed to make use of the substance’s musical capabilities. They usually exist in a pair to be held in one’s hands, but longer, double-handed rods also exist for more elaborate music activities. Aside from these Sticks, general musical equipment such as false/stiff bells made from the ore also exist. The material is also sometimes used in weaponry, such as elegant swords due to the material’s light weight. Lastly, the material’s color scheme and lightness also finds use in jewelry, though this is rare.


Omnaleya has an ability that when moved through the air at almost any speed, it produces a low-pitched buzzing noise. It gets louder the faster the material moves through the air and is also dampened by existing flat to another surface like skin. For this reason, most Omnaleya jewelry exists as necklaces. But, the sound will never truly abate and almost always exist in the background, unless someone is moving extremely slowly.


  • Omnaleya’s former name was Jukhanuur.
  • Most fencing groups have banned the use of Omnaleya-based blades, as the sound is said to be nerve-fraying in that sport. However, a few others have taken the opposite approach, and insist that only those blades can be used, creating somewhat otherworldly looking and sounding duals.
  • Devout Fornoss worshipers have sometimes made use of the substance when engaged in rituals. However, this is more common in Northbelt, closest to Ellador and the influence of Dwarves.
  • Draconists are a growing market for Dwarven-forged Omnaleya objects, as they believe the material is connected to the beating heart of Daiana, which ironically may have been the same belief held by the ancient Dwarves.

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