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Official Name Electrum
Common Nicknames Magi-metal, Allorn Gold
Category Rich Family Metallurgy
Origin Altaleï
Uses Utility, Decoration
Rarity Uncommon
Accessibility Middle and Upper Classes

Electrum is a naturally-occuring alloy of Silver and Gold which has been known to the major players of Aloria for centuries. Once wielded by the Teledden in their unique technology, its use gradually fell back into solely serving as a decorative metal until it roared back into relevance with the Teledden’s modern situation. With a varying color based on the Gold or Silver content a piece of the material has, Electrum’s role in Aloria is likely to grow in importance as the Allorn Empire has been declared and technology's role is to expand across this returned super-state.


Electrum was one of many unique minerals harvested from the earth by the earliest civilizations known to Aloria following the Fourth Void Invasion. The Allorn and Dewamenet Empires, however, used them in different ways as was befitting their individual focus. Avoiding the use of Magic, the ancient Asha used Electrum largely as a decorative tool, using it to tip and gild their greatest structures, and for more mundane objects used by the upper classes and their servants. The Teledden instead took to wielding Electrum as part of form of technology. Electrum was also first manufactured by the Allorn, and it soon came in handy in areas outside of technology. When the conflict between the two ancient peoples took place, Asha machines sometimes battled against sparse but still present Teledden machines, each using different sources of power. Ultimately, the Teledden were victorious though with the use of Magic and harvested Asha lands for sources of Gold, Silver, and Electrum wherever they could find it on top of many other actions However, either due to a growing dislike for technology or some limits of the craft, Electrum-based technology and its application across the Allorn Empire gradually decreased. By the time the Allorn Empire began to first struggle, all that remained of this knowledge were scattered experts, either unwilling or not allowed to teach others their art, and machines which now, would grow ancient and tarnish, yet still serve their old purposes.

For generations, this remained the case. Throughout the fall of the Empire and then the rise of the Ailor following the Cataclysm, the artform of using Electrum in technology was lost. Across this period, Electrum became exclusively used as a decorative metal, not quite Silver and not quite Gold, allowing it to often pass the culture test of other Elves and societies like the Ithanians who put great meaning on these metals. The Ailor of wider Aloria too found Electrum to be a regal, interesting metal, but one sparsely mined across the world. It was only beginning in the second century AC that Electrum’s role in technology was once again redefined. Scholars working for Teledden who now feared the rising Regalian Empire made great progress, and by the time of the Altaleï-Regalian War, Electrum-based technology had fully returned across much of Teledden-ruled Aloria. With the rebirth of the Allorn Empire, this has especially galvanized the use of Electrum, and it is now used to form wondrous creations for the Teledden while for many others, it remains a decorative metal.



Natural Electrum ore appears as a dull yellow to a gleaming yellow when removed from the earth, and when bonded to other materials, it possesses a “wiry” appearance across its rough surface. Electrum can also be manufactured by mixing Gold and Silver in a complex but well-understood process. Upon being refined, Electrum’s color differs depending on the amount of Silver within it. However, with modern refinement techniques, its coloration is often a universal warm yellow tone, close to a golden hue.

General Uses

The best-known use for Electrum is in the creation of Magic-based machines. Unlike works of Clockwork or Steamtech, such Elven devices are made with smaller, loose parts forged of Electrum which is then held together by sparking blue, white, or red magical energy. The other major use for Electrum is in decoration, often self-decoration in the form of jewelry, but also room decor in the form of cups, bowls, pitchers, and similar vessels. The material is also sometimes used by the modern Asha to cap their buildings.


Electrum can conduct a low level of Magic, and while some stories might claim it has the ability to conduct greater degrees of power, this is untrue. Electrum has also been known to conduct electricity.


  • The usage of Electrum as money is not unknown to Aloria but has rarely lasted long. Some believe the Sariyd Empire used the metal for this purpose, but their destruction has doubtlessly buried any evidence of this.
  • Some ancient Teledden burial sites are known for their Electrum grave goods, and overall, ancient Allorn ruins have shown themselves to be an excellent place for the discovery of lost Teledden devices.

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