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Official Name Achate
Common Nicknames Ice’n’Fire Stone, Frostbitten Fire
Origin Ellador
Uses Decorative
Rarity Common
Accessibility All Classes

Achate is a very plentiful stone in Ellador, and is as such found quite commonly in the homes of Velheim tribes, especially those located near smaller rivers. The stone easily stands out from its surroundings due to its dull reddish to orange color, with largely contrasting white swirls that seem almost drawn on top. It’s often used in Velheim jewelry and is exclusively mined in Ellador. Recently, interest in the gem has sharply declined, which makes it of interest solely to the Velheim artisans of Aloria.


Achate has been a mineral long associated with the Velheim Ailor of Aloria. It is not known when the stone was first discovered, but artifacts recovered from abandoned towns at the time of the Cataclysm show it may have been first mined briefly after the Velheim reached Ellador. Despite it being on Ellador, it’s location within surface rivers means that the normally mineral knowledge-rich Dwarves didn’t already know of the sybstance. Achate soon became a popular material for artists and artisans in Ellador while those in Northbelt also grew to appreciate it due to its accessibility. Unfortunately, much of the Regalian Empire found a distaste of the mineral after their long conflict with the Skagger Horde and general distrust of Velheim people. Due to a series of instabilities across Ellador and northern realms, Achate prices have fluctuated with time, but have at last returned to somewhat normal levels in 310 AC. The material is still used by regional Velheim Ailor, and by others of that group across the north.



Achate is a dull reddish to orange colored stone, with white swirls decorating the stone’s top contrasting the warm colors. It is also very smooth and easy to manipulate.

General Uses

Achate has one main use, decoration. The material is commonly found in Velheim jewelry, as well as art, either carved in small statuettes or complimenting a larger work of wood or another type of stone.


  • Fornoss connections to Achate are limited, though small statues of the gods are commonly carved in Achate.

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