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Official Name Zankari
Common Nicknames Earth’s Blood, Bleeding Iron
Category Farad Family Metallurgy
Origin Farahdeen
Uses Various
Rarity Common
Accessibility All Classes

Zankari is a common metal, known for centuries by the Races of Farahdeen, which has a unique property. When placed in water, the brown and slightly red-sheened metal discolors the surrounding liquid, turning it an ominous blood-red. How or why this happens is unknown, but many of those that use it do not care, as they are tricksters or entertainers focused on an audience or a mark to impress, intimidate or distract, or all three at once. This usage of the metal is a black mark on the material, though its unique color scheme does see it used in more conventional objects, such as tools and jewelry.


Zankari is a strange mineral, and one the Qadir were heavily baffled by in their day; being a metal that bled, it had little use in their machines, though some tales exist of the material being used in elaborate or exotic creations suited for the leaders of the Sariyd Empire. However, when the Great Storm came and wiped away these marvels, the Songaskia came to make far more use of the substance. It’s natural ability earned it a high place in decorations and amusements, especially among those Songaskian Mages capable of controlling the element of water. In the wider world, the substance has remained an oddity, continuing to be an object for decoration and amusements, particularly in street performances, though in some more isolated communities, the sudden power of an individual to turn water red brings out calls of Vampirism. Ultimately, today, the material is in high demand for many street magicians, con artists, and more, who sought to use the metal’s unique properties to their advantage with the Songaskians and others more than happy to meet their requests.



Zankari forms in large, dark brown veins of ore within mountains. When refined, the material has a dull, dark brown color to it with a very light red reflective sheen on top.

General Uses

Zankari is most commonly used by tricksters, mundane magicians, and the like along with performing Mages often have Zankari formed in small metal tablets or prisms to help them in their tricks and illusions. However, the material’s unique color has also attracted some into making normal weapons, armor and even jewelry of the substance, as it is a metal comparable to Steel in strength, weight, and so forth.


Zankari has a single, exotic ability as, when submerged in water, the metal causes the liquid around it to start turning crimson red, highly akin to blood in appearance, but not actual blood. The practice purpose this serves is limited, with some small entertainment value to be had from the ability, but on the whole, it is generally seen as annoying for those cleaning their weapons, armor and more made from the brown metal. What reaction causes this is unknown, as the water is still safe to drink, and tests of it show only traces of some type of dye.


  • Zankari is most commonly found in Farahdeen and Eastwynd, but is also known to exist in large quantities in Oldtera.
  • An unfortunate incident occurred in 280 AC within Anglia, when a Songaskian magician was lynched by the local populace for “bloodying the waters of their drinking well” and “attracting on purpose, the vile Vampyres.” The man had made the foolish mistake of using Zankari on the town’s only well, which resulted in a panic.

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