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Official Name Pattara
Common Nicknames Earthen Silver
Proficiency Daen Family Metallurgy
Origin Daen
Uses Utility, Decoration
Rarity Common
Accessibility Middle and Upper Classes

Pattara is a common material found in Aloria, known for having several peculiar traits. It appears similar to Silver (though with a green sheen) and, once forged, it smells of cut grass and flowers. For this reason, it has often been tied to deities of the earth and nature, something causing the material to usually be rejected by conservative Unionists. However, others look past these issues easily to instead benefit from the material’s strength.


Pattara was originally discovered and mined by the Teledden on Daen, though veins of the substance were also identified and remain today in other parts of Aloria. Given its green coloration, early smiths steeped in the arts of Savellon, Gilded Strike of Perfection actively made use of it to create objects in celebration of nature. This connection was enforced further by the earthen scent the material gave off once forged, and throughout the Consolidation, jewelry and other artistic works were made. However, due to this connection with Estellon, as the worship of the faith waned in the face of Void Worship, but also the corruption and collapse of the Estellon priesthood, knowledge of the material found new bearers elsewhere. While the Ailor in Oldt Era, sometime before the Cataclysm, had knowledge of Pattara, their shaping of it was crude, and it was instead most thoroughly embraced by the Proto-Velheim. Heavily connecting the material with the Union of Earth, they took the “Earthen Silver” abroad across Aloria. When the Cataclysm did come, and the Allorn Empire collapsed, many pieces of ceremonial wear that featured Pattara were also lost, and so, for a time, the art was solely alive within the lands of the Solvaan. However, their own connection with the material was extremely weak, and it was only with the reemergence of the Allorn principalities beginning in 100 AC that saw the Teledden reconnect with the use of the metal, followed shortly thereafter by the Cielothar. As for the Ailor, the material’s tie to pagan faiths in the face of the spread of Unionism largely saw it rejected, which is a factor that has continued into today. Some have looked past the cultural issues and now benefit from fine-smelling metal objects that they use in their daily lives.



Pattara is commonly found in mines around and within forests and fields and, when extracted, it appears highly similar to Silver. However, it is far less brittle than natural Silver and is also streaked with green. Once refined, the material resembles Silver but it possesses a sharp green hue in the light.

General Uses

Pattara is used in a variety of objects, from jewelry to tools to weaponry, but it is most commonly wielded in blades. Armor made with Pattara is rare, given its average durability and its peculiar smell demanding its daily presence. Some have continued to make art using Pattara, and some worshipers of the Estellon have, within their home, a small statuette of the material.


Pattara, as previously stated, has a most unusual scent that has been unable to be explained by scholars for decades. The material smells of cut grass and flowers once it has been refined and perpetually holds that scent thereafter, thus making it one of the clearest ways to distinguish it from normal Silver.


  • Ritual weapons that make use of Pattara are often quite elaborate pieces, and most common among the faithful of the Union of Earth, especially the Velheim, due to their great enjoyment of Silver.
  • Pattara ore is most commonly found in Daen and Oldt Era, but Corontium is considered by many to be a worthwhile addition in that count.

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