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Official Name Pyrignis
Common Nicknames Fool’s Gold, Poor Man’s Gold
Proficiency Requires 5 points in Smithing
Origin Essalonia
Uses Military, Decoration, Utility, Entertainment
Rarity Common
Accessibility Lower and Middle Class

Pyrignis is a common material found in Essalonia and was once considered useless, a mere distraction for miners. After the Regalian Empire arrived, however, the metal’s sparkling potential was discovered, leading a once discarded mineral to be a valuable asset to the Empire. It is one of the base materials used to fire off gunpowder weaponry, made into jewelry for commoners and poorer citizens who cannot afford actual Gold, as a firestarter in the wilder areas of Aloria and finally, in “Sparklers” used in street performances, plays and public celebrations. With the recent issues caused by the Bone Horror Crisis in Essalonia, some regions have been forced to ramp up production, and as such, the supply of the mineral remains constant.


Pyrignis is a material which has only come into prominence recently in Alorian history grace of the expansion of the Regalian Empire. The material itself was discovered shortly after the Cataclysm by the peoples of Arlora and neighboring Torse in Essalonia. These two nations didn’t make too much use of it, though there are vague mentions of fake Gold coins and artifacts used as payment for hostages between the two fighting sides in the early decades of their conflict. These tales are thought today to be fictional and an example of each side attempting to label the other as stupid for not realizing they didn’t have real Gold. The material remained an unpopular mineral for nearly two centuries rarely being traded off of the continent. This was until the Regalian Empire reached the region after 240 AC.

While original surveys conducted by officials did not examine geology too much, later colonists paid attention, and found an abundance of the material in the New Ceardian Colonies. Despite the dismissive attitude Arlora and the other Essalonian nations conveyed to the Regalian Empire, the Iron Bulwark was not ready to dismiss the mineral. While initially interested in exploring its ability as fake gold, to trick enemies of the Empire, blacksmiths accidentally encountered the sparkling nature of the material when one or two apprentices got bored on the job. Engineers were soon called in, and shortly, the Bulwark unveiled new cannonry crafted to work with Pyrignis. The mineral has grown in popularity since this time, commonly found in survival backpacks, in commoner jewelry, and in military facilities. It is unlikely that supplies of the material will run low due to its commonality.



Pyrignis is a silver-yellow material that forms in a cluster of a certain shape (from cubes to dodecahedrons) attached to other minerals. The material weakly reflects light when polished and refined.

General Uses

Pyrignis has a variety of uses, but its primary use is in the military. It is used to ensure the ignition of a cannon as it is sure to produce sparks that light substances like gunpowder. Lesser uses for the material are in commoner jewelry, where the material is often raw or suspended on view for others to see in a necklace, though in more deceitful jewelers can incorporate it into rings and small items. In the case of the more overt uses of the metal, it can be used as an excellent firestarter to those camping or in frontier conditions. They usually page a piece of the material in their pack or attached to their body as a piece of functional jewelry. The final use of Pyrignis is one developed over the past few years, as alchemists have placed tiny amounts of the material onto small puttied sticks creating “Sparklers”. These are rods that force interaction between Pyrignis and Iron shavings to create sparkling when ignited. These are often used in street performances or plays as a special effect, though some also use them as a tool of celebration during festivals.


Pyrignis has the natural ability to create sparks when struck with a piece of iron or flint, a pop of light expected from even the smallest amounts making contact.


  • Up until very recently, Pyrignis was used to start fireworks as with one strike, as several fuses could be lit at once. However, after an incident where a fireworks boat was sunk and its attended severely burned because his Pyrignis ignited still boxed fireworks, all at a Regalian noble event, the Regalian Government is firmly against such practices any longer. You can even be fined for using Pyrignis, regardless of personal harm you suffer.
  • With the destruction of Arlora and Torse following the Battle of Curag Fields and the Bone Horror Crisis, the New Ceardian Colonies are working overtime to produce this material. Some settlements are called “Fool’s Towns” for how many people focus on the Pyrignis trade, but these people often do not know the tidy if not small profit these towns produce for themselves.
  • Pyrignis never works with small, handheld firearms. The Iron Bulwark experimented just this potential, but hand-damaging explosions were so common that they ceased all experimentation and this has remained the case until today.

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