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Official Name Malachite
Common Nicknames Typh Rock, Green Quartz
Origin Aloria
Uses Decoration, Utility
Rarity Common
Accessibility All Classes

Malachite is a bright green crystal-like, brittle substance found in semi-large deposits across Aloria. It is fairly common and throughout the course of history, has been appreciated and used by various peoples across the world. It has two major resources, the first being self-decoration and the decoration of furniture (most common to Wirtem families), while the second is artistic. When crushed, Malachite produces a vibrant pigment that artists have often made use of in their work.


Malachite has been well known to a variety of Races and Cultures across Aloria since well before the Cataclysm. The first to appreciate it were the Elves, who used the crystalline substance both to decorate themselves, but also to help them in their artwork due to its bright colors. Eventually however, as the Allorn Empire began to decline, so too did mining of this material as the once widespread faith of Estelley declined in the face of factionalism. The next people to appreciate the substance were the Wirtem of the Regalian Empire, and surprisingly, their arch-rivals, the Ithanians. For the Ithanians, their use of the material was taken directly from the Teledden whom they once served, and they took to its use quite actively. As for the Wirtem, its use became popular soon after the rise of House Typhonus, as the greens and forestry colors they popularized thanks to their sigil colors made acquiring the material a top priority. Many other groups have also since come to rely on Malachite and today, its export and import is a major moneymaker in the world of Aloria.



Malachite is a bright green crystalline material that appears in bulbous and stalagmite formations far more commonly than the prismatic structures of other forms of crystal. It is fairly brittle, and ultimately easily crushed, making carving it a highly-prized art.

General Uses

Malachite has only two uses, the most well known being as a decoration substance. Cut and made to shine, jewelry is the most obvious place for it but some New Regalian nobles enjoy having it inlaid into their furniture, primarily for the coloration that exists and for the complex work that their money buys them. The other use is artistic, as grinding it down results in a bright green, very opaque dust that stains the fingers of anyone who touches it without appropriate protection. Due to its inherent dyeing properties, it is often mixed with substances to result in green paints and dyes, and due to its very long durability as a paint, it is also used as a popular paint base for various tones of green and blue.


  • Malachite grave goods date back to the Wirtemcaller Kingdom, the state that existed before the current region of Calemberg, suggesting that the New Regalian love of Malachite goes back a bit further than most think.
  • Malachite is mined across Aloria, but is found most commonly in Westwynd, Northbelt and Ellador.

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