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Official Name Kadite
Common Nicknames Black Quartz, Angle-stone
Origin Corontium
Uses Decorative
Rarity Uncommon
Accessibility All Classes

Kadite is a well known hard, black gemstone thanks to its name and for its supposed abilities to absorb and nullify Magic. The substance was identified before the ascendance of House Kade, but following their rise, it was renamed in honor of their (and all Anglians like them) jet black hair. Today, while the material is uncommon, is worn by all who can get their hands on it to show their devotion either to the Imperial Family or to the Regal Culture they created.


Kadite was discovered in 600 BC by Ailor living in Anglia, in the region's mountains during the time that the regional Ailor worshiped Draconism. At the time it was uncovered, the substance was mistaken for Coal and so was unsuccessfully burned but by the time of the Cataclysm, the substance had been identified as a gemstone. It was also at this time that other deposits were located elsewhere in Corontium. With the events of the Five Family Rebellion, the substance’s black coloration was soon exalted and tied to House Kade given the hue of Anglian hair. At the same time, for unknown reasons, folktales and myths about the material coalesced that claimed the substance possessed the ability to nullify and absorb Magic. This might have simply been because of its black color, or maybe some greater occurrence, but if so, such an event is lost to time. Today, Kadite remains popular as a material for a number of decorative items, from simple to complex accessories for all classes, though nobility are often the only group able to afford statuettes and sculptures carved from this dark substance.



Kadite is a pitch black mineral with a smooth and glossy surface, one of its key distinguishers from brittle and jagged Coal. Some have compared it to black glass, which is correct, but is only flawed in that Kadite doesn’t allow light into itself, merely reflecting off of its surface once it has been cut and polished. It most commonly appears in a smooth, ovular form in jewelry.

General Uses

Kadite is most commonly used for decoration, both on people through being included in a variety of accessories and in the space around them through short statuary work.


  • Despite their ties to it and their creation of the black-color focused Regal Culture, House Kade has generally avoided using the substance. Perhaps time has made them feel its name and use by them would be cliche.
  • Ceardens commonly use the material when they are in mourning, especially if they are women and often wear jewelry.

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