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Official Name Gigbabkus
Common Nicknames Eron(idas) Leather, Smooth Hide
Origin Westafar
Uses Eronidas clothing
Rarity Uncommon
Accessibility Middle and Upper Classes

Gigbabkus, a soft yet durable form of leather produced by the Eronidas, has grown in popularity over recent decades. Coming in either white or black, with each hue preferred by different social classes in Eronidas society, it has made itself a key part of Eronidas fashion and leaked into Ailorstyles as well. Gigbabkus is seen in a wide variety of contexts as a result but is broadly expensive as the process used to treat it is uniquely labor intensive, especially for black Gigbabkus.


The Eronidas brought many animals with them on their long voyage from Guldar and had much time to develop and adapt to their harsh living situation. They had long made use of leather for the production of shields and armor back in their homeland, but during this trip and shortly after their first landings, they perfected new iterations and production methods for their goods. The leather of most note at this time came from the Aaltaar Bok; the animal’s stark white coat created impressive items at the hands of Eronidas artisans. With the innovations developed during and after their voyage, the Eronidas perfected the treatment of their Bok leather into two colored varieties of the same substance for a very useful, and soon fashionable, end result. Soft yet strong, Gigbabkus’ usage spread, and soon became tied to the layers of the Pol, as well as classes and roles to pursue in society outside of that stratified living. For the wealthy, entertainers, and artisans, white Gigbabkus was preferred, able to be used in shapely pieces to show off one’s body. Black Gigbabkus, meanwhile, became preferred by the military, gladiators, and guards of Eronidas society, alongside the criminal underbelly. While Ailor and other groups initially did not take to this material, the rise of the Regalian Empire and their gradual expansion of trade and control over Eronidas regions saw the good enter new markets. While not a conventional luxury good, it is often sold as one to the Ailor, given the complex process needed to fabricate it by the Eronidas. It remains popular to this day as a result.



Gigbabkus is derived from a similar base: the hide of the bovine animal known as an Aaltaar Bok. Huge bison-like animals, their hides are able to be treated in a range of different ways, with Gigbabkus one of the most popular. The hide can have a stark white coloration to its surface with a pale beige or cream underside (with many producers dyeing the underside white), or a dark black coloration with a dark gray to black underside. This black coloration is produced through the use of Black Powder, staining the material such an opposite color to its normal hue.

General Uses

Gigbabkus has a range of fashion uses, largely not made into armor or shields given its softness. Its sturdy quality is a positive when used in those two applications. Instead, it will supplement the hardened leather some Eronidas wear as armor and broadly exists on its own, used in pants or vests and crop tops. Some entertainer-working Eronidas in particular will wear only white pants created using Gigbabkus, while black crops are most common in the casual wear of mercenaries, warriors, or guards.


  • A unique example of an Eronidas entertainer wearing black Gigbabkus were the twins Gorlstan and Rarlstan, Eronidas from Anglia who had successful careers and entertained in the Imperial Court when Allestrain I was the Crown Prince. One wore white, the other black, and they incorporated diametric imagery into their routines to complement this.
  • Ashaven Eronidas very rarely wear white Gigbabkus, for obvious reasons, but those who do are marked as particularly well off, and able to afford the best cleaners possible.
  • Aaltaar Bok leather is broadly considered the standard in all Eronidas leather production.

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