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Official Name Flowerite
Common Nicknames Tone Metal, Cerium
Category Ailor Family Metallurgy
Origin Corontium
Uses Artistic, Decorative
Rarity Common
Accessibility All Classes

Located in dense deposits across Corontium and areas of Southwynd, Flowerite is a light metal with a deep pink coloration once forged. Its strange color is matched by its strange ability; it is capable of ringing out with a harmonious tonal C note when struck by another object. For this reason, its use in weaponry and armor is next to non-existent, as instead, it prospers among the artistic community and among those eccentric enough to desire bright pink jewelry.


Flowerite had been known to the Ailor of the Regalian Archipelago going back to at least 300 BC. Its natural beauty often saw it kept natural, though efforts to forge it soon came about as the Ailor of the region grew more sophisticated, and the Regalian Kingdom's power waned, replaced by local leaders with greater independence. Efforts were also carried out by several regional petty kingdoms to see the material forged. By 50 BC, refined Flowerite was beginning to be used. However, its ability to sound a perfect music note drastically decreased its usefulness, as no weapon could be formed from it. It did not help that the color was considered odd during this time, and there were far more practical varieties of the metal. It was only later, with the rise of the Regalian Empire and contact with the Ithanian Ailor, along with their migration into Corontium, that Flowerite prospered and spread abroad. On Southwynd, the substance was discovered and was one of many materials that drew Regalian attention to the area. Today, the substance is commonly used in the music sector, and among those nobles with an ostentatious fashion style.



Flowerite, in its raw state, is an opaque but richly pink-colored ore, with swirls of black and yellow sitting throughout the formation. However, once it is refined, the metal solidifies into a solid, rich pink coloration.

General Uses

The principal use of Flowerite is in the artistic space, specifically the art of music. It is often formed into a false bell, or a specially installed item, with a nearby striking rod to produce its unique tone. The other use of Flowerite is in jewelry given its bright, exotic coloration, but it is often paired with other metals. Still, some Ithanians have a heavy obsession with wholly Flowerite jewelry.


Flowerite’s ability is unique among all other metals. Unlike those that constantly make noise when moved, Flowerite remains inert. However, when a Flowerite-forged object is hit with another object, such as a wooden or metal rod, the material produces a harmonious tonal C noise that resonates in the air around it.


  • There exists one prominent Flowerite shield, once wielded by the supposed “Baritone Warrior” of the Hecarian Kingdom. It was said he greatly believed in the marshal spirit and encouraged war camp celebrations through songs, using his shield to help begin battle songs. This shield was also said to be highly unnerving if not distracting to his opponents, while he had trained himself to ignore it, granting him a high degree of combat prowess.
  • Hot pink Flowerite jewelry most commonly appears in the form of large disc earrings, though those seeking to fully protect their ears often instead use it in necklaces and pendants.
  • Flowerite’s original name comes from the initial confusion of miners who first excavated it, calling it “deep earth flowers” given its bright color when compared to the dank, dark conditions it was found in.

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