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Official Name Mocra
Common Nicknames Peach-Iron
Origin Aloria
Uses Various
Rarity Common
Accessibility Middle and Upper Classes

Mocra, while common and easily mined across many locations in Aloria, was long unworkable by even the great, masterful Race of the Teledden. After the Cataclysm however, the Ailor of Ithania finally cracked the code, infuriating a number of Elves for a short time before they gave in and accepted the Ailor role in its creation. Today, many objects are made with Mocran splendor, though it is most commonly used in fine, elaborate jewelry.


Mocra was known to Aloria before the Cataclysm, but none could determine how to effectively work with it. Even efforts by the Allorn Empire failed for centuries. But in 100 AC, Ailor forgers in Ithania finally shaped the metal as they desired it. This caused an enormous outrage among the Teledden community of metalworkers, many clinging to an ancient story which said it had been forged by Teledden in 1300 BC. The smith who did so had supposedly been killed by a jealous rival, her own apprentice, though he was never able to learn the secrets of how to work it, and so they were lost. Still, this rejection could not last long, as the Teledden native to Ithania were the first to give up the charade in order to benefit from the beautiful material. Mastery of Mocra became a gift of the Ailor, and one they have shared to this day across the realms of Westwynd and the broader Regalian Empire.



Mocra appears naturally in dense clusters near and around mountains, especially around mountain water sources. It has a dirty red coloration when extracted, but upon refinement has a very fine, light pink hue to it mixed with small swirls of paler and darker pink. Finishing it off gives it a fine opaline sheen that is quite eye-catching in lighting.

General Uses

Mocra is most commonly used in jewelry, typically for earrings and necklaces. Other uses for the material include weaponry, though anyone who buys or commissions Mocra blades is almost certainly a collector, an eccentric, or has a massively inflated ego. It is also used for a variety of utility objects, most commonly combs or similar objects.


  • Mocra most commonly exists in Daen, Corontium and Farahdeen, though there are still significant deposits in Hadaria.
  • The Pale Knight is a Knight known in Ithanian folktales for wearing a full suit of Mocra armor while wielding a sword and shield of the same substance. Surprisingly, this figure is based in truth, on a man known today only as Christophe who was a Knight from 40 to 71 AC.
  • Mocra and Flowerite often pair well together.

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