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Official Name Iron
Common Nicknames Night Iron, Ero-Steel
Proficiency Iron Family Metallurgy
Origin Eronidas
Uses Weapons, Armor
Rarity Rare
Accessibility Middle and Upper Classes

Blacksteel is a sophisticated alloy of Steel created by Eronidas smiths with the help of Ailor knowledge. As a result of this blend of racial knowledge, the metal rapidly grew in notoriety and is now highly sought after by skilled warriors seeking to make a visual statement. The material is commonly used in weapons and armor because of this fact, and appears more frequently in heavy weapons given the material’s own heavy nature, and used sparingly in armor.


Blacksteel is a relatively recent material in the history of Metallurgy in Aloria, but it has an older history than many might think. Cruder versions, now known as Blackiron, were common among the Eronidas during their final decades of life on Guldar, and in their early decades within Daen. However, as the Eronidas came into greater contact with the Ailor, other Races and various Cultures, their smiths yearned to improve their now old metal. It was the Eronidas smith Labas Adda-Kabid, who reached the City of Regalia in 40 AC, who would ultimately begin this transformation. Learning Ailor forging techniques, as well as acquiring a wide range of new materials, Labas forged the first Blacksteel blade in 60 AC and rapidly helped to spread knowledge of it back home among his people. By 80 AC, Blackiron had been rendered extinct as a substance, and the Eronidas completely embraced Blacksteel objects for use during their warring. Ailor smiths in Regalia also benefited from Labas’ efforts, and the unique blades the Eronidas forged rapidly caught the eyes of many. As a result, the material became popular among those who could afford it and, while it was never a secret, soon the knowledge of forging Blacksteel had expanded out to the broader world. Today, Blacksteel sees use in the weapons and armor of warriors across Aloria, its near-black coloration a formidable, sleek, and often menacing addition to any person’s arsenal.



Blacksteel is an alloy of normal Steel, created through the use of a combination of Eronidas and Ailor techniques. The material has an extremely dark grey coloration, bordering black, hence the material’s name. It can also be polished to a sophisticated shine.

General Uses

Blacksteel is commonly used in weapons and armor, as it is far more durable than regular Steel. The material is heavier however and thus often sees use in blunt, heavy weaponry. When it is used in armor, it often accentuates or is made to plate only certain parts of the body. The material can grow expensive when existing in large quantities, leaving full Blacksteel suits or arsenals for the nobility, while common soldiers or warriors may only afford one or two pieces made using the substance in their lifetime.


  • Blacksteel piping is a recent development and is largely being used in the construction of dark-toned or gloomy architecture. As such, it is extremely niche and has to be specifically commissioned.

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