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Official Name Iron
Common Nicknames Night Iron, Ero-Steel
Category Iron Family Metallurgy
Origin Eronidas
Uses Weapons, Armor
Rarity Rare
Accessibility Middle and Upper Classes

Blacksteel is a sophisticated alloy of Steel created by ancient Eronidas smiths back in their homeland of Guldar. Soon after the arrival of the Eronidas to wider Aloria following their exodus, the metal rapidly grew in notoriety and is now highly sought after by skilled warriors seeking to make a visual statement. The material is commonly used in weapons and armor because of this fact, and both are often heavy due to the material's traits upon forging.


Blacksteel was created millennia ago, its creation attributed to half a dozen smiths of ancient legend, during the era of city states warring with one another on Guldar. Some claim intervention from the Dragons, other suggest it was formed at the request of the Last City of the Living, but it is clear that knowledge of Blacksteel was disseminated quickly. The Eronidas came to use it in many objects, giving the majority of such items to their best warriors and gladiators rather than the common class of warrior rallied from the population of a city. Blacksteel remained with the Eronidas during the Eronidas Exodus, but due to its weight, the craft of how to make it was preserved though large quantities were not kept aboard the ships of the different fleets. When the Eronidas washed ashore across several regions, only the Eronidas in Southwynd largely lost access to Blacksteel due to a lack of proper materials, instead creating the material Blackiron to replace it. But, everywhere else, Blacksteel remained dominant in the Eronidas arsenal, and drew attention over time from outside parties. Today, Blacksteel sees use in the weapons and armor of warriors across Aloria, its near-black coloration a formidable, sleek, and often menacing addition to any person’s arsenal.



Blacksteel is an alloy of normal Steel, created through the use of Eronidas forging techniques. The material has an extremely dark grey coloration, bordering black, hence the material’s name. It can also be polished to a sophisticated shine.

General Uses

Blacksteel is commonly used in weapons and armor, as it is far more durable than regular Steel. The material is heavier however and thus often sees use in blunt, heavy weaponry though sophisticated smiths have forged truly legendary blades from the substance. When it is used in armor, it often accentuates or is made to plate only certain parts of the body. The material can grow expensive when existing in large quantities, leaving full Blacksteel suits or arsenals for the nobility or greatest Eronidas warriors of a Pol, while common soldiers or warriors may only afford one or two pieces made using the substance in their lifetime.


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