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Official Name Iron
Common Nicknames Grey Copper
Category Iron Family Metallurgy
Origin Unknown
Uses Various
Rarity Common
Accessibility All Classes

Iron is a base metal in Aloria, capable of being used in dozens of objects, and has been discovered at least a dozen different times by the various Races and different cultured Ailor of Aloria. Plain grey in coloration with a reddish tint that grows due to rust, the metal is highly malleable and can often be reused or reformed with ease should the need arise.


Iron is an abundant metal found and used across history by many Races. While any information on some of the oldest examples of Iron being used are lost, Ailor records point to ancient nations and people like the Proto-Velheim and the Regalian Kingdom as being some of the first places from which Iron emerged for the Ailor Race. Iron also existed in Westwynd and Altaleï for millennia, used in crude tools and more by the slaves of the Allorn Empire. However, they themselves didn’t often forge the material until far later and closer to the Cataclysm, when the degradation of Allorn society demanded a degree of underlying autonomy to provide for themselves and their tasks. Regardless, the material became commonly used before the Cataclysm and continued to expand and explode in use post-Cataclysm. The emergence of the military power that was the Regalian Empire, along with other centralized Ailor states, saw Iron refining increase in quality, and become both easily made and easily purchased. Iron mines now litter the world. It is one of the most abundant elements that countless blacksmiths, craftsmen and more use every day in the creation of numerous objects, for not just war but also civilian life.



In its raw form, Iron appears as a faded grey color ore with a highly coarse structure. Once the material has been smelted, it has a plain grey coloration with lighter grey flecks throughout, as well as a reddish tint.

General Uses

As the middle ground of all metals, Iron is neither the most durable nor the most fragile, but it is highly transformative. It can be bent into many different shapes and responds decently well to being reforged, allowing for reuse and repair of any Iron objects damaged by time or accident.


  • Some have called the current period of Alorian history an “Iron Age,” with the rise of Ailor and the Regalian Empire, and past ages also having the names of different metals.

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