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Official Name Magnetite
Common Nicknames Magnet, Lodestone, Trickstone
Origin Dorinn, Regalian Archipelago
Uses Utility
Rarity Rare
Accessibility Middle and Upper Class

Magnetite is a rare material located singularly in the performance-centric Anglian region of Dorinn, possessing a unique magnetic effect with all other known metals, and even an irritation effect when closely exposed to some fauna and people. As a combination of its uniqueness, rarity, and export demand; Magnetite has rooted itself as a staple tool in talented sleight of hand and special effects performances, the creation of navigation equipment, and newer methods of ore detection and extraction.


Magnetite has been interwoven into Dorinn folklore and symbolism since the Duchy’s conception, with initial settlers forming around what would eventually be dubbed the Mummer’s Crater -- the primarily identified crater deposit of Magnetite. Due to Anglia’s heavy Dragon Worship ties, it was initially believed by Dorinn’s colonists that the Crater was a remnant of a Rubine Decay Dragon's works, or at the very least the Blue Crown Dragons channeling their power in some way. Among scholarly circles, this belief is referenced as a primary reason for Dorinn’s eventual focus on the study of Alchemy throughout the centuries, whereas Dragon Worshippers of the Rubine Breath Dragon instead argue that it was Magnetite’s draconic influence that led to the focus of alchemy in the region.

With the introduction and rising prominence of performance arts and theatre in Anglian Culture, the practicality of Magnetite quickly came to light as a tool for special effects on both a grand stage performance scale to simple con tricks on the streets. This coupled with alchemical special effects would cement Dorinn as the quirky hub for a unique blend of theatre and science. The rising scholarly focus in the Dorinn region would ultimately lead to the discovery of Magnetite as a key component of the compass for navigation, thus revolutionizing travel on a massive scale. However, events within the last decade have seen scholars attempt to link the late Dorinn Duchess Freya Lo’s supposed madness to Magnetite’s rare irritating effects on the minds of certain fauna and even sentient individuals. These rumors have cast an auspicious shadow over the strange metal, but the rarity and utility have hardly slowed down the excavation and export of magnetite globally -- with many believing the concerns to be nonsensical and unfounded.



Magnetite is a naturally sharp, brittle, and shiny metal when mined, making it particularly easy to craft with. It can be found in both large clusters and smaller clumps all over the Dorinn region, with individual stones as small as pebbles or as large as an Ailor's fist. Despite this, stones are either typically located in smaller pockets of shards or veins of larger clumps. The majority, however, is located in close proximity to the Mummer’s Crater where the majority of Dorinn’s mining operations take root.

General Uses

Magnetite holds a number of practical uses. It is most commonly used in compasses and other navigational equipment, followed by application in sleight of hand and stage performance tricks utilizing metals. Most uncommon is its usage in taming certain fauna through negative reinforcement that react irritated when closely exposed to the metal, with the Dragged Crow being a particularly popular case. Recently, Dorinn miners have started using it as a means to locate and excavate ore with specialist equipment, with interest shown by Qadir Clockwork engineers for all manner of innovation purposes.


On the surface, Magnetite holds the ability to attract and magnetize itself against all manner of metals. Delving deeper, it allows for the creation of navigational equipment to dictate the four cardinal directions by tapping into some unseen force, and in larger quantities has been known to cause miners unfamiliar to the Dorinn region light headaches and mental irritation. No substantial scholarly research has been performed on the latter ‘quirk’ of the region.


  • Dorinn-folk were the ones to coin the term ‘magnetic personality’ or ‘magnetic charm’ as a result of the blend in Magnetite’s prominence in the region alongside the performance-centric culture of the locals.
  • Magnetite’s sporadic chances to cause minor mental irritations to non-locals alongside its unnatural magnetic properties have long since associated the metal with all manner of superstitious folklore by both Dorinn-folk and Anglians alike.
  • A popular folklore belief is that the eccentric behavior of most Dorinn-folk is a result of the abundance of Magnetite in the area. Following Freya Lo’s attempted Regalian occupation prior to her death, however, her madness and other rare cases of mental instability in the region were also associated with Magnetite by some locals. This coined the term ‘Lo Madness’ by these Dorinn-folk, but belief is split between the cause being Magnetite or some Deathling curse left behind by their once-ruler.

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