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Official Name Magnetite
Common Nicknames Magnetum, Trickstone
Category Iron Family Metallurgy
Origin Various
Uses Utility
Rarity Rare
Accessibility All Classes

Magnetite is a rare material located in and around the site of craters in Aloria, brought from the sky by crashing comets and meteors. It has a unique magnetic effect that lets it stick to a wide range of other metals, and has thus been used in a range of devices and for a range of purposes since its discovery by a range of different groups across Aloria. Some use it for parlor tricks, attaching hidden plates of the substance to objects and their palm to mimic levitation, while others seek to use such a device to steal. It is best known in navigation though, and for how the Qadir Ailor make use of it in specialized machines.


Magnetite has been interwoven into folklore and tall tales for many centuries, existing in scattered clusters across the world wherever it is found. It is known that Magnetite comes from the stars, and ancient sources located the substance at the site of meteorite impacts into the earth. From the lands of the Elves, to the Mummer's Crater of Anglia in Corontium to even Jadeheart, Magnetite has been located and used by these groups. Among the Elves, Magnetite was rather quickly abandoned, as while its magnetism was impressive, the Allorn Empire were masters of Magic, and this simple trick of science was boring to them. For the Ailor though, Magnetite proved wondrous, a source of believed magical power though with time, many came to see through the initial starry-eyed adoration of the material. The Qadir Ailor were never fooled or disenchanted though, and used the material in an array of ingenious machines during the height of their civilization. The Sihai reacted much in the same way as broader Ailor had though, and both groups ultimately trended towards the use of the material in games of trickery or mundane illusion, allowing people to have the appearance of using Magic when in reality, they were not. Both groups also strangely chose to ascribe the material to the Dragons, though why is a bit unclear. With the birth of the Regalian Empire, Magnetite became an oddity in their society, but one that often saw its use in tricks, theft, or games, with Anglian Culture being such a key part of the great nation's origins. These same areas remain the material's realm in the modern day, being used at performances or in machines and objects to amaze, trick, or complete tasks through mundane means versus using actual Magic.



Magnetite is a naturally sharp, brittle, and shiny metal when mined with a black-grey coloration. It can be found in both large clusters and smaller clumps in and around the impact sites of most meteorites to have hit Aloria in the past 10,000 years, at least. Individual pieces of the substance range from as small as pebbles to as large as an Ailor's fist. While able to be forged, it is tough to shape, and retains its shiny quality after this process.

General Uses

Magnetite holds a number of practical uses. It is most commonly used in compasses and other navigational equipment, followed by application in sleight of hand and stage performance tricks utilizing metals. Unique machines of the Qadir also make use of Magnetite, and some even wear small jewelry objects of the substance.


On the surface, Magnetite holds the ability to attract and magnetize itself against a range of metals. The exact list remains incomplete as some believe that the composition of certain alloy metals affects how Magnetite responds to them. Larger quantities of the raw ore have also been known to cause light headaches and irritation, but such pieces rarely remain intact for too long, being broken down for sale or use.


  • Some tests with Magnetite have shown it can prevent certain homing and messenger birds from properly navigating.

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