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Official Name Carnelian
Common Nicknames Chalcedite
Origin Aloria
Uses Decoration
Rarity Uncommon
Accessibility Lower and Middle Classes

Carnelians are a classic example of a “poor man’s gem.” The material is fairly common, able to be found and mined all over Aloria. It is a surprisingly soft and malleable gemstone, though with a cloudy interior, making it ideal for jewelery though not grand ornate pieces meant to demonstrate wealth. It is rarely used for anything but decoration due to that soft nature, and always exhibits a fiery or earthen color - ranging from ambers to faint yellows to bright reds.


Carnelian has long been a semiprecious stone in Aloria, existing in various major veins since the days of the Allorn Empire. At that time, the material was largely ignored in favor of far richer and more precious stones, but as the Allorn Empire wore on, lower class Elves and those in splinter Cults came to admire and use the gemstone as a much simpler sort of physical decoration. Meanwhile in Ailor territories scattered over the world, the simple tribes and other groups who found the gemstone took to Carnelians with vigor, but most came to discard them with time as other materials were unearthed or traded for. However, Carnelians remained a gem for the common man. A similar effect also took place among the Songaskians, who rapidly came to appreciate the stone’s earthen tones and connection (in coloration) to the sands of their homeland. As a result of all of tehse factors, the gemstone remains popular in the modern day, and can be found across Aloria in a variety of mines.



Carnelian is a gemstone with an array of warm colors and earthen tones possible in its formation. They form in tight trigonal crystal system-shaped clusters, and are generally soft which allows for easy cutting, but most are fairly opaque which is a major reason they are not actively pursued by the upper classes.

General Uses

Carnelian has its only major use in decoration, most commonly in jewelry due to their easily carved nature. Most see use as beads for this reason, the boring of a hole right through them a great use to jewelers, but many are also used in intaglios and other similarly carved pieces of small artwork.


  • It’s not uncommon for peasant or lower class wedding rings to be fitted with Carnelians.
  • The Urlan are the biggest racial consumers of Carnelians next to Ailor and Songaskia.

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