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Official Name Sharroc
Common Nicknames Brittle Fire, Ulley-L’osrennal
Origin Hyarroc
Uses Decoration
Rarity Rare
Accessibility Upper Class

Sharrocs are exotic gemstones mined exclusively in Hyarroc. Bearing a spiked, almost crystallized form, Sharroc is extremely fragile and even mild trauma easily causes the gem to shatter. It is a rather rare material and although not as prized as the Starris, its price can be formidable. It shines a deep red color, and when exposed to direct light a prismatic red pattern often forms within the spiky gem. Sharroc is very rarely used for decoration or jewelry due to its brittle structure, and its only purpose is as a cultural and ceremonial symbol.


Sharroc is a material found exclusively in the mountains of Hyarroc, and is said to have been first uncovered sometime even before the rise of the Allorn Empire, and in Teled Methen. In the Princedom of Uhsen’ulla, it was said that blood from the Moon-Well Goddess had crystallized within the earth, and could rarely be found there. This proved true when Sharroc was actively extracted and presented to other Altalar princes. But with the emergence of the Faith of Estel that displaced worship of that other, older deity, Sharroc was soon tied to Ulley. Instead, Sharroc was his blood from a great feat of protection (perhaps a nod to how Uhsen’ulla had long held out nobly, but ultimately futile against the new Empress of the Altalar). The material remained rare over the coming centuries, as even with the power of the Allorn Empire, they could not mine so extensively so as to find all veins of the material. By the Wildering, the material was shrouded in superstition and said to be capable of holding and amplifying magical energy. When the material fell into Ailor hands though in the wake of the collapse of the Allorn Empire, the Regalian Empire gave it the dry, “rude” name of Sharroc after how in their opinion, it is a shard-like rock while also playing into its point of origin. Over the past three centuries, as the Altalar have recovered, more of the material has been excavated from Hyarroc and has thus retained its role as a symbol of magical prowess.



Sharroc appears almost crystalline in formation and for a gemstone, it is extremely brittle and very easily broken. It universally possesses a bright, deep red coloration and is completely transparent, in some ways like glass in that respect. Additionally, it is highly vertical, with a jagged top and bottom.

General Uses

Oddly enough, Sharroc has no frequent uses commonly seen in modern Aloria. While some pieces have been taken and carefully crafted into artistic works, jewelry, and more, the majority of the time the substance is left in its raw state and displayed as a status symbol for those Altalar who possess it. In the ancient past, when the Altalar had access to unbelievable magics, it is clear that the substance could be carved as some ancient Altalar ruins have demonstrations of this art form in ancient Altalar tombs. This too was thought to be an expression of status, but scattered references to the substance as a container for one's Magic upon death also exist.


As mentioned above, some Altalar of the Allorn Empire seemed to believe that Sharroc could hold magical essence. Some tests done in the early 210s on a few shards of the material are thought to have proven that the gemstones cannot do this, but others point to how the Magic of modern Aloria is vastly different than the Magic of 400 short years ago.


  • Sharrocs in Altalar tombs have sometimes been compared to Unionist canopic jars in that both protect things of great importance to the deceased.
  • The carvings into Sharrocs discovered from the ancient Altalar period appear to be fairly crude and almost whimsical, with none of the refinement well known to other Altalar art. They are also white, suggesting the use of some form of acid.

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