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Official Name Steel
Common Nicknames Man’s Metal, Better Iron
Proficiency Requires 15 points in Smithing
Origin Unknown
Uses Weapons, Armor, and Tools
Rarity Common
Accessibility Middle and Upper Class

Steel is an alloy metal made by combining Ferr-Iron with an extreme heat that generates carbon. Due to its durability and generally low cost, Steel is widely used for many purposes, mainly weaponry and durable appliances. The metal takes minimal effort to create from Ferr-Iron ore and greatly varies regarding quality and appearance. The metal is also greatly significant in the study of Alchemy and Metallurgy, as specialized metals such as Blacksteel cannot be created without it. While Steel products can get increasingly expensive based on its specialization and quality, it is used by many, though the poorer citizens of the world only rarely get their hands on it.


Steel has a clear history of development and creation among the Ailor since it is a manufactured product. After Ferr-Iron was discovered, exploited and ultimately fell into public hands-on Ceardia, Warlords tried to gain a similar advantage to Warlord Ferrson by discovering or crafting a new metal for use in weapons. It took several decades, but in 40 AC, an unknown Warlord in the east of Ceardia began making use of Steel. The chronicles go on to tell of his misfortune, that in a great battle he was forced to retreat and leave behind many examples of his new advantage, which allowed others to learn and reverse engineer the process. For other Races, Steel was recognised after Ferr-Iron as an improvement to the other metal. In present days, most high-quality Steel is made in crucible furnaces, large industrial contraptions that heat the ore to such high temperatures that impurities are melted away. Tradesmen and blacksmiths all agree that the best Steel is made in the famous Holy Forges of Basta, a large monastery-factory where monks toil to create high purity Steel from elaborate and gigantic crucible forges.



Most Steel, especially low-quality or impure Steel, takes on a simple gray color with some amount of luster. Bad examples also have discolored marks where the slag wasn’t burned away well enough. As the quality of the metal improves, it takes on a lighter tone and shines more brilliantly. The highest quality Steel, made either from the Holy Forges of Basta or by skilled blacksmiths, take on a faint wave-like pattern that glimmers and ripples when shined upon.

General Uses

Steel is used for everything ranging from weapons to armor to appliances and instruments that require some measure of durability. It is an affordable material that can be melted and used in other ways, should reforging be necessary. Depending on the carbon content of the metal, Steel can be made very hard and almost brittle, to lightweight and flexible. Intelligent blacksmiths combine these traits, using a mixture of both types of Steel to create a precise balance of good characteristics. Beyond military equipment, Steel can be used for more peaceful purposes such as cooking utensils, craftsman’s tools, and a whole manner of goods that could be improved upon from Ferr-Iron or wood.


Steel has a good balance of durability and flexibility and serves as a standard middle ground for metals. It has no specific abilities or traits.


  • Creating high purity Steel at the Holy Forges of Basta is considered a Unionist worship of the Imperial Spirit and Humanity. Currently, the Sancella of Union has a monopoly in the highest grade Steel, using it to supply the Helerian Guard and the School of Lancyon.
  • There is a practice among blacksmiths in the capital city of Regalia, where they melt down statues of important figures and reforge them into weapons or armor. These heirloom items are hugely popular to collectors and sentimental nobility, who pay good money for such items.

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