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Official Name Sapphire
Common Nicknames Nessallsonssossos
Proficiency Requires 15 points in Finecraft Arts
Origin Hadaria
Uses Decorative, Religious
Rarity Rare
Accessibility Upper Class

Sapphires are rare, typically blue, translucent gems found across the lands of Hadaria. Before the Chrysant War, the Essa Empire had a monopoly on the Sapphire trade. The Slizzar saw them as holy objects, called “Snake God Eyes,” which all true believers of the faith should possess. After the War and the repair of many mines, Regalia now holds the monopoly on the trade of Sapphires. The blue gems are used in the jewelry of the upper class, especially in Ithania and Regalia where they are commonly paired with silver due to their sparkling properties. Today, Sapphire exports are targeted towards nobility and the upper class, who buy them for their beauty or ito serve the Slizzar pulling their strings.


The Sapphire has an ancient history dating all the way back to the Meraic. A common mineral at the height of their Empire, they mined it extensively and used it to adorn various objects and structures. After the Fourth Void Invasion, the next Race to use Sapphires were the Slizzar, who viewed the gemstone as petrified “eyes” of their gods. The most influential and powerful Slizzar soon acquired jewelry studded with this stone. When the Allorn Empire reached Hadar, they too grew infatuated with the gem, and raw sapphires almost immediately became one of Daen’s primary exports. When the Altalar finally left Hadaria, the material returned to largely being a common adornment among the Slizzar. Unfortunately, the Cataclysm changed this. Sapphires became much harder to acquire, as some of the largest mines were destroyed by the volcanic activity triggered by the event. During this time, many Slizzar families started passed down their Sapphire jewelry through the generations as a way to preserve their faith, turning them into valuable symbolic heirlooms. The Allar ultimately helped rebuild Sapphire production, as they gradually came to admire the stones and helped the Slizzar by opening new mines across Hadaria around 100 AC. Until the Chrysant War, a steady stream of Sapphires poured forth from these mines and out to the wider world, where they soon became a highly desired item. Following the destruction caused by the conflict, one of the first tasks of the Regalian Military was to seize more of this luxury good, which they have steadily done through their trade deals with the regional Digmaans. Today, the stream of Sapphires is small, but still plentiful enough to supply the wealthy of the world with this deep blue gemstone. In recent times, this stream will possibly grow larger as many Allar nations finally are repairing enough of their old infrastructure to resume mining in large amounts.



Sapphires are deeply blue-colored gemstones that have a similar structure to the Ruby, a much rarer gemstone. Unlike the Ruby, which is only present is one shade (red), Sapphires have also been discovered in shades of yellow and purple; the purple color is the rarest Sapphire variety on earth and is incredibly valuable to any merchant, Nessrassian worshipper, or Slizzar. Impurities within these gems are quite rare, which only increases their desirability among consumers. Sapphires are often cut into the shape of teardrops or rounded squares.

General Uses

Sapphire has few uses, but it serves a dual function of self-decoration and religious iconography. For the upper echelon of numerous societies, Sapphires are beautiful minerals used in jewelry and is often paired with Silver to make such pieces. To those who follow Nessrassian beliefs, the gemstones have deep symbolic ties back to their great Deep Sea Serpent gods. Often times with these individuals, the stone also exists in jewelry but are sometimes kept in small decorative wooden cases rather than being worn or are inserts onto the masks used to commit acts in worship to their gods.


  • Ironically, no Nessrassian diety has blue eyes, and the color occurs in the eyes of the Deep Sea Serpents. This is why the other colors of Sapphires are so sought out by Slizzar, as yellow relates to the Serpent of Greed and the color purple to the Slizzar themselves.
  • The Slizzar of today often manipulate noble patrons or wealthy friends into acquiring Sapphires, as the Race’s need to hide themselves has prompted great care when acquiring rare goods. Luckily, because of how common it is for the upper class to get Sapphires, few people ever notice.
  • The Vault Network (the network of tunnels that held the dormant Meraic that later became Maraya) was once studded with various beautiful though small Sapphire flourishes. Unfortunately, time either broke the material or saw Slizzar steal them.

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