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Official Name Black Iron
Common Nicknames Dark Iron
Proficiency Requires 30 points in Smithing
Origin New Regalians
Uses Weaponry, Armor, and Decoration
Rarity Exceptionally Rare
Accessibility Nobility/Player Orders

Few weapons inspire more fear on the battlefield than those forged of Blacksteel. Its black shine and smooth finish is an elegant departure from the Black Iron it is refined from. From its unparalleled durability and strength, it is easily one of the Ailor’s most notable military achievements. A sign of great status, Blacksteel is forged into the iconic weaponry of distinguished generals and the jeweller of only the most elite of Ailor.


Blacksteel owes its creation to the same expedition that led to Dark Ungwar Orcs discovering Black Iron. In the year 270 AC, a group of scouts ventured into eastern Daen in the hopes of finding a new site to mine Ferr-Iron to supply Regalia. By mistake, these Ailor unearthed a dark metal like they had never seen before. Intrigued by their findings they moved to leave the region and return with better equipment for better excavation. Unfortunately, there were unaware that they had entered into the territory of the Dark Ungwar Orc tribes. Forced into two groups, only one half of the team escaped alive while the others were killed by the pursuing Orcs. The Ailor that escaped still carried samples of the metal with them. Seeking to try and recover some of their lost money, they sold the material to Regalian smiths who experimented with the material but in their process, helped refine the material into a better quality metal called Blacksteel. However, it quickly became clear that true Blacksteel was extremely difficult to create. Any blacksmith lesser than a grandmaster in their trade would simply produce a metal that shattered after a few swings, just like Black Iron. Due to the skill level required to create Blacksteel, the material remains rare to this day and is only sold at very high prices in a standing trade dea; established with the Dark Ungwar Orcs to produce the raw black ore.



Blacksteel is iconic for its jet black, almost raven, coloring and is only slightly less dark than Black Iron. The metal is known to be naturally lustrous and glints brightly when exposed to any light source. This shine only adds to the metal’s value.

General Usage

Due to the long forging process and the amount of material required to create true Blacksteel, the material remains extremely expensive. The material is so expensive in fact, that most weapons forged are no bigger than the average shortsword. Weapons of these sizes are generally seen as fairly priced with the little amount of maintenance they require. With the Kade Family’s wealth, along with only a few of the most elite noble families, are able to afford weapons ranging to the size of longswords only on occasion. While a suit of armor made of Blacksteel is hypothetically possible, it would be so expensive to create that the Royal Family themselves would lose a sizable chunk of their income to create such a suit of armor, rendering the mere idea impractical. Outside weaponry, Blacksteel has been used to create fine jewelry of noble woman and accent the furniture of other aristocratic Regalians. There are even sparse accounts of kitchenware being crafted from the expensive material.


Blacksteel’s unique durability makes it very resistance to denting to the point where most swords are unable to leave little more than a scratch on the material. Blades made of blacksteel will dull extremely slowly and hardly requires more than two sharpenings in an entire lifetime. However, in order to sharpen the material, it must be brought to a blacksmith who possess a Blacksteel grindstone- for no other metal could sharpen the material in a timely fashion. Other than its imposing look and durability, Blacksteel possesses no other special traits or abilities.


  • Weapons made from Blacksteel are often passed down as heirlooms in Noble families, and even on occasion a common family that managed to get ahold of such a weapon.
  • In Regalia it’s considered dangerous and foolish to carry Blacksteel in public. Muggings over such valuable weapons are a constant threat for anyone who owns a Blacksteel weapon.

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