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Official Name Metalitra
Common Nicknames Dwarven Steel
Proficiency Requires 20 points in Smithing
Origin Ellador
Uses Weapons and Tools
Rarity Rare
Accessibility Player Orders

Metalitra is often synonymous with the Dwarven race of Aloria as their mythology and culture claim it was the first metal ever mined in Aloria and the first metal their own race mined. Despite this high profile, various events over the years have made accessing the metal difficult to the wider world, mainly due to the slow decline of the Dwarven civilization and as Ellador grows more and more dangerous. It appears as a silver metal with dark grey swirls in its raw state before appearing as a deep, lustrous grey once refined. It is a heavy metal and its most common use in weapons is the signature Dwarven weapon, the Warhammer.


Metalitra is one of if not the oldest material known to Aloria, or so the Dwarves tell it. They claim it was the first ore they ever churned from the dark earth, even before much more common materials such as Ferr-Iron or Coal. Most tradition scholars doubt this, but the metal remains well known in Dwarven history and culture. In their early years, many of their greatest tools were made of Metalitra, but it soon became a status symbol as the materials grew rarer. By the time of the Dakkar attack of Dwarven Holds in the mid-20s AC, this was its sole position. As each Hold fell and more of their leaders died, more Metalitra weapons were lost. Recently, the Dwarves have suffered more, despite their age-old enemy the Dakkar have retreated underground. An even older enemy, the Isldar, broke open the gates of Anduin, dragging whomever they could into slavery and engaging in savage fighting for months as they tried to clear the great underground city. However, these actions failed, and for now, the Isldar have retreated from their offensive against the Dwarves. Metalitra is now rare, only appearing on Ellador and even then, mostly in territory once or currently occupied by Dwarves. For those brave Ailor who wish a weapon made of Metalitra, they will have to brave the dangers of Ellador to either scavenge one or seek out the last remaining Holds of Anduin and Grebor to somehow convince the Dwarves to make them one.



Metalitra appears as a silvery ore covered in dark grey swirling lines throughout the deposit. Once the metal is refined and crafted into a product, it has a dark gray shine to it that cannot be matched by any other metal. In fact, the blade of the metal can be likened to the color of dark ash.

General Usage

The metal is typically used in weapons of blunt force, as the trade-off of its hefty weight is that it is extremely strong. One swing of a Metalitra Warhammer can cave in an ordinary Ferr-Iron breastplate. The metal is strong, but it is not godlike. Of course, to be able to use a weapon of this material effectively, the owner of the metal must have exceedingly strong muscles and train themselves daily. Even then, using Metalitra will take a massive toll on them. It is not uncommon for someone to faint after or even mid-battle because of the excessive weight.

It is extremely impractical to use Metalitra for armor because of its mass, but it was used by the Dwarves for mining tools quite frequently. Pickaxes of Metalitra are especially efficient because of the amount of force you can put behind the swing; huge chunks of rock will come away from the target upon impact. Dwarven carpenters used small portions of the metal as small hammers. Almost any tool that a person would normally use can contain Metalitra, except for small tools that are meant for precision.


Metalitra has many of the characteristics of Ferr-Iron but improves upon them in almost every way. It’s perfectly re-castable-- in fact, one of the most convenient ways to obtain a custom weapon of the material is to recast an already made weapon of Metalitra. It is also very durable and strong, though only slightly more durable than Iron. Its strength, however, far exceeds Iron; Metalitra, in return for its heavy weight, is capable of delivering devastating blows to opponents, and as a result, it is usually used in Warhammers.


  • It is unclear if Metalitra is the ore that gave metal its modern name in Common or if the Dwarves simply adapted the name to include the word Metal as a symbol of their culture holding it as the first metal they ever mined.
  • Metalitra is also possibly used by the Isldar but others believe these examples are simply Isldar wielding parts of ancient Metalira tools and weapons from when the Dwarves were at war with them.

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