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Official Name Nightsilver
Common Nicknames Starlight Ore, Sca’Elle Prej’sanirall (Sca’Elle Gift/Present)
Proficiency Requires 25 Points in Metallurgy Arts and Altalar dedicated to Sca’Elle
Origin Altalar
Uses Weapons, Armor
Rarity Rare
Accessibility Upper Class and IG acquiring of the substance

Nightsilver is a unique substance made out of magically blessed and chemically altered Steel, only able to be created by those Altalar dedicated to Sca’Elle, Master of Magnificence, and possessing his Ring of Power. Used for untold centuries by the Altalar people, first as a material of importance for its role on the battlefields against the ancient Varran and in the slaving operations carried out across Aloria, it ultimately morphed into a status symbol of Altalar power and purity. In recent years, as the Altalar whirl from the collapse of the Northern Kingdoms, the invasion of Regalia and most recently, an invasion by the Kathar, Nightsilver has resulted to practical use once again and can be seen on many of the most important Altalar military commanders in the field of battle instead of just the halls of ancient houses or grand parties celebrating the magnificence of their Race.


Nightsilver has been part of Altalar history since the earliest known records of the Allorn Empire. The right technique to forge Nightsilver as we know today took approximately two centuries to perfect. It was initially used in the creation of religious artifacts and decorative icons for the temples to the Altalar Pantheon, particularly to the deity who helped the Altalar create it, Sca'Elle. Over time though, the Altalar learned of its ability to be transformed in beautiful, unique armor to protect themselves and took to it rapidly as their slaving vessels explored the wider world. Nightsilver quickly became a prestigious possession for Altalar nobility and warriors, and has remained so up until modern times, though many old and prestigious pieces were lost in the Wildering. In current times there are still remnants of the old movements that wish to see Nightsilver returned to their status as a purely sacred metal for shrines, temples and religious ornaments, with their numbers increasing as resources are growing scarce in the many principalities threatened by the Dread Empire.



Nightsilver is a beautiful substance and appears very different depending on what it is used for. It is created when an Altalar gifted with the Ring of Power of Sca'Elle forms Steel with the aid of Essence of Night, a mixture of clean water, a pinch of Silver flecks, dried Lady’s Shine, and unknown Magic which comes from the Ring of Power an Altalar possesses. In its raw state just following this process, Nightsilver looks much the same to Steel. The only difference is the glittering blue sheen that covers all parts of the material, but only Altalar dedicated to Sca'Elle and in possession of his Ring of Power would know the substance at first sight without the closer examination needed by other Races or Altalar devoted to other members of their Pantheon.

Whed to the Steel in its final stages as it cools, and is slowly poured on by the Altalar smith maen used to make the scale-styled mail uniquely known only to those bearing the Ring of Power of Sca'Elle, the substance is brilliantly shiny, like the finest polished Silver in Aloria. When used in the creation of weapons, most often the Altalar Glaive Sword or other blades used by the Altalar, these weapons have a dark blue color and appear almost crystalline. In addition, when swung and wielded in the open air, they leave behind a trail of gentle sparkles reminiscent of stars in the night sky, which is the main reason the substance bears its current name. The material is as strong as Steel when in the form of a weapon. Once the material is “destroyed” though, the substance immediately returns to normal Steel, a film of glittering blue peeling off and entering the air. Once it touches something, this thin film dissolves into a faint, twinkling blue dust that is easily blown away.

General Uses

Nightsilver is used exclusively by the Altalar to adorn themselves for battle, the substance offering extreme advantages when used as armor and moreso an extremely appealing aesthetic when used in weapons. When formed into Nightsilver scale-mail, the resulting armor is as light and flexible as silk but as tough as Steel. This allows Altalar warriors to avoid sacrificing the slightest bit of agility in combat, and instead be draped in the very best protection their deities can offer them. When used in swords and other bladed weapons, the aforementioned trail of sparkles occurs as the blade is bandied about.


Nightsilver has the ability to alter its appearance based on the shape it has been morphed into. In its base and unforged form, it appears merely as blue-tinged shining Steel. When altered into traditional Altalar armor, it grows exceedingly bright and shiny, lacking any tints of blue at all. When it is formed into weapons though, the blue coloration returns as the blades created using it have an almost crystalline appearance in a deep shade of blue. It is also in this form that sparkles, appearing almost like starlight, emanate out from the weapon’s blade as it moves through the air at any time. Nightsilver weapons hold no outright benefit over simple steel, other than their aesthetic uses.


  • Nightsilver weapons and armor captured by the Regalian Empire are rare. In the Elven War of 302 AC, while many pieces were taken from defeated officers and important guards, a few Altalar agents destroyed much of it through their touch though at the cost of their lives a mere hour later.
  • Nightsilver does not rust.

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