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Official Name Lazurite
Common Nicknames Lapis Lazuli, Blue Crystal, Magebane Gem
Origin Seraph.
Uses Magical defense, dyes, paint, jewelry.
Rarity Common in Island Groupings, uncommon otherwise.
Accessibility Commoner and Nobility.

Seen as both a bane and a great mineral known to ward off evil, Lazurite earned its place in history as one of Aloria's most enigmatic and prevalent minerals. With a unique azure blue shade and unexplainable properties, this mineral is sought out by friend and foe of the Regalian Empire for everything ranging from aesthetics to combat.


Though it is most famously known for its role as the Azure Order’s greatest magic weakening tool, Lazurite has been recorded to have been in use for thousands of years;. Documented usage in the form of Seraph cave paintings and even crude jewelry prove the enigmatic crystal’s age. This is said to be attributed to a lack of geographical consistency to which an origin can be found, as Lazurite can be found generally everywhere - though more scarcely in some regions than others. Regions of high Lazurite consistency would be island groupings such as Etosil, from where Lazurite is extensively mined to such a degree that the dead buried there rise without fail due to exposure of unearthed Lazurite ore to the soil. All this leaves very little in terms of appointing an undisputed discoverer of lazurite, though many successful Merchant and Miner Families have fought for the title. Currently, Lapis is a pricey material used primarily for expensive dye or as a piece of equipment for Witch Hunters, with recent Regalian struggles with Estel having set the price of Lapis in bulk to an impossibly high number. As it stands, commoners may only hope to purchase the mineral in small quantities, limited to bracelet and necklace gems, due to the Mineral’s high price bracket.



Lazurite takes the appearance of a deep, azure blue mineral in crystalline form, making it a valuable yet costly commodity for painters and tailors hoping to dye certain cloth to a vibrant finish, be it blue or green - as Lazurite is also used in dyes and paints to brighten duller complimenting colors. When used in Blue Fold Forging, weapons formed from superheated Lazurite, otherwise known as Bluesteel, retain an almost eerie azure glow.

General Uses

Though it serves a variety of uses, Lazurite is primarily used and symbolized as a mineral that inhibits the flow of magic. It serves this purpose through many forms, such as the application of Lapis dust grenades utilized by the Witch Hunter and Azure Order, or the creation and smithing of Bluesteel by use of Celestial Forges. However, Lazurite is also used in the place of jewels, often coupled with silver frames to create necklaces, earrings, and other headdresses. Finally, Lazurite is used as a dye and paint to either create blue or brighten other complimenting shades of green and purple. Lazurite is a crystalline mineral, it is far from sturdy and can be crushed into dust with the right pressure and persistence.


Lazurite holds the ability to hamper, disrupt, or in more severe cases, disconnect magical connections entirely. The exact means of how this is done is not yet known, however it is accepted by the general public that both Void and Exist connections are disrupted by the presence of the mineral.


  • A popular yet disputed theory regarding the creation of Lazurite itself stems from the idea that the mineral came into existence as a byproduct of the first Void invasion, with common ores mutating into what we now know as Lazurite.
  • Though Lazurite is an iconic symbol of the Azure Order, its most congested use was in the Greygate Prison, a grand prison once known for its Lazurite inlaid walls. The structure has since been destroyed.

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